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Justin Stamper Illness And Health Update: What Happened To Ashlee Casserly Husband?

Justin Stamper

Details on Justin Stamper’s health and illness are of interest to the public. Justin Stamper’s profession has always been real estate, which makes him exciting.

Being too busy flipping properties and managing his real estate company has prevented him from having any spare time in his adult life.

He began at the age of 19, and he has gradually developed ever since. Justin Stamper co-stars on A&E’s “Zombie House Flipping” with his stunning business partner Ashlee Casserly, and together they have amassed a substantial Florida real estate empire.

He is pleased of his accomplishments throughout the years, which inspires him to keep working hard until he achieves the pinnacle of his profession.

Here is all the information you need to know about Justin Stamper’s condition and health.

Update on Justin Stamper’s Illness and Health

Details on Justin Stamper’s sickness and health updates. Prior to 2021, the public was not granted access to any of Justin Stamper’s medical records.

When he was at his best, he relished good whiskey, handcrafted beer, entertaining, engaging in small talk with strangers, and loud music.

At the age of nineteen, he bought his first house to flip. Since it was his family’s foreclosure, he could take it, fix it up, and sell it for a profit.

Though it’s possible that he was unaware of what this would turn into, he may have known ahead of time that he would do this for a livelihood. Either way, it was plenty for him.

After turning his first property into a profit and selling his family’s house, he made the decision to do great things.

He would stand on the steps of the local courthouse, picking out auction homes to flip. This is a hazardous yet fascinating game to play.

You cannot directly visit the homes. You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into or what condition a home could have been in before you bought it.

Now that he is a bit older and has gained some self-awareness, he has taken the initiative to do even more.

He has a company presently. He runs his own company with his business partner. Their property is the Blueprint Real Estate Group. They are located in Orlando, Florida, and he has lived there his whole life.

Who is the husband of Ashlee Casserly?

Justin Stamper, an American citizen, was born in Orlando, Florida, on May 18, 1989, making him 33 years old as of 2022. His parents are Johnny and Leeanne Stamper.

He is an American citizen and belongs to the white ethnic group. Johnny’s Taphouse Grill is a restaurant located on Tarpon Avenue in Tarpon Springs, Florida, and is owned by his father, a successful businessman.

Justin made the decision not to go to college after high school in order to help his family. He used to work as a chef at a Disney restaurant at night and spent the day bidding on houses.

Career: Justin is a well-known real estate investor and media personality. He has worked in the real estate sector for over 10 years.

At nineteen, he began his real estate profession by flipping the foreclosed home his family had inherited.

He then began buying properties at courthouse steps auctions and worked his way up to become a full-time house flipper in Central Florida, where he now works.

In January 2008, he enrolled for his first position as an investor with JGS Capital LLC. The well-known TV personality founded Dog House Buyers, LLC in 2012 and began working with Invest Home Direct.

After being selected to participate in the reality series Zombie House with his spouse, Ashlee Casserly, the American real estate mogul became well-known. Since the show’s 2016 AETV premiere, four seasons have been shown.

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