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Kate Sosin

Kate Sosin

Kate Sosin is a trans woman who worked as the 19th’s LGBTQ+ correspondent. They previously worked for Logo TV, INTO, and the Windy City Times.

Kate is a writer who specializes in transgender rights, incarceration, politics, and public policy. Kate Sosin previously worked for NBC News, where she investigated transgender prison torture and homicides in depth.

What is the Net Worth of Kate Sosin? Salary, Earnings

Kate is a well-known journalist who worked for the 19th as an LGBTQ+ reporter. Kate Sosin’s net worth is estimated to be around $ 3 million.

Where was Kate Sosin born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Kate was born in July 1985 in Los Angeles, California. She never talks about her (their) parents, siblings, or other family members in public. She posted photos to her Instagram account on July 24, 2021, with the caption –

“I’ll be 36 this weekend, and strangely, expecting to age feels like a genuine privilege.” I want true elders, people who don’t look like me, people who trans kids can imagine themselves becoming.” “I feel like the older I get, the wiser I get.” I become more self-assured, braver, at ease in this world, and happier.”

They will celebrate their birthday on July 27th, 2021, with their doggie pal and old acquaintance Tai, a Lesbian Queer Crew community member, according to Kate Sosin’s Instagram account.

Is Kate Sosin Single? Relationship

Kate Sosin’s marital status is unknown. Kate had previously been in a romantic relationship with an old friend named Tai. According to Tai’s Instagram profile, “both @katesosin and @taionthefly got us engaged and shared their kissing with the remark look how sexy and gay we are!” Kate makes use of a social media platform. Kate is trans and uses the pronouns they/them as of 2022. @katesosin has 1,536 followers on Instagram.

How did Kate Sosin start her Professional Career?

Kate began her professional career as an assistant writer. Kate began her career at Logo TV, INTO, and the Chicago Tribune. She is currently employed by The 19th, a gender, transgender rights, incarceration, politics, and public policy journalism website.

Kate posted photos on Instagram with the caption – @19thnews launched at the height of the pandemic in 2020 – in April 2022.

“We spent two years putting together a newsroom with people we’d never met.” This week, that changed (thank you, immunizations).”On March 10, 2022, Kate joined well-known journalists Natalie Alcoba, Lawrence Andrea, and Ashley Okwuosa in a virtual conversation.

The discussion was co-organized by the Pulitzer Center, the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, Women in Media, and NLGJA: The Association of LGBTQ Journalists.

Tasneem Raja moderated the discussion, which centered on Gender-related topics with an awareness of race, class, and other intersections, as well as Backgrounds, to study issues about their identities. As of 2022, Kate worked as an author and writer for transgender living at https://msmagazine.com.

She also writes for https://www.them.us, an award-winning authority platform that assists LGBTQ+ people and those who are changing the world every day.

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