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Kazembe Ajamu Coleman | Wife And Childrens

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman

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Kazembe Ajamu Coleman only gained notoriety as Zendaya’s father, an actress with numerous talents. Coleman took up the role of manager and bodyguard for the Spiderman: Homecoming actress full-time after his daughter’s success in 2009. He is undoubtedly his daughter’s actor/model father, the best and most encouraging father there is. Kazembe is also the CEO of KZC Entertainment and a song producer.

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Now, where is Mr. Coleman?

Kazembe Ajamu, 62, has lived a full life. His career took many unexpected turns, going from becoming a gym teacher to the CEO of a talent agency. Kazembe is currently living a contented and affluent life in his Los Angeles, California, home. He is the most amazing father to all six of his kids.

Details About The Early Life Of American With African Ancestry Kazembe Ajamu Coleman

On February 10, 1960, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman was born under the name Samuel David Coleman. However, he subsequently changed his name to reflect his African ancestry. In addition, Zendaya claims that her parents are of German and African descent.

Says she

In addition to being from Germany, I’m from Africa. I’m quite pleased with that.

The actress went on to say about her name,

My first name is African. My mother’s middle name is French, but we spelled it African. That’s my middle name. That means that my name is indeed me.

In addition, her father Samuel’s African name, “Kazembe Ajamu,” has a deeper and unique significance. His middle name, God of strength, means “He is an ambassador,” while his first name, Kazembe, means “He is an ambassador.”

Who Are The Parents of Kazembe Ajamu Coleman?

The parents of Kazembe Ajamu are not well known. He’s been keeping them under wraps for a while now. But we do know that his parents are from Oakland, California, the same city where Coleman was born. Furthermore, reports verify that his father’s family originated in Iceland and Macedonia, while his mother’s family originated in Nigeria.

Kazembe periodically posts images of his mother on Instagram, but there isn’t a single detail of his father. The music producer posted an old picture of his mother in May 2022 to commemorate her 93rd birthday. He composed,

“My gorgeous ninety-three-year-old mom.”

Kazambe Ajamu Coleman’s mother, celebrating her ninety-third birthday.

It is safe to conclude that Coleman’s mother is still living, and the mother and son have a close relationship.

Is Kazembe, Zendaya’s father, an educated man?

Zendaya’s father, Samuel Coleman, attended a local Oakland, California public school and graduated. In 1978, he received his high school diploma.

Following this, Coleman pursued additional education in California, where he eventually earned a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education in 1982.

Before becoming the bodyguard and manager of his daughter, Kazembe Ajamu worked as a gym teacher.

Initially, Ajamu sought a job as a gym teacher in a nearby school because Zendaya’s father held a degree in physical education. In an interview with US Magazine, his daughter stated that she had to take school very seriously because both of her parents were teachers.

However, the well-known father eventually quit this job when his little daughter became well-known in the entertainment world.

In addition to his daughter’s rapid rise, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman started working as Zendaya’s full-time bodyguard. After that, he began taking his daughter along to a lot of events and traveling around, watching her interactions and business dealings. As a result, he gradually began managing her and continues to hold this role.

Coleman also lists himself as the CEO of the managerial consultancy KZC Entertainment on Instagram. As stated in his LinkedIn bio, he joined the company at the start of 2018. Zendaya’s father Kazembe is a music producer and performance coach, according to his Instagram bio.

Who Is Kazembe Ajamu Coleman’s Wife? He Was Married To Zendaya’s Mother For Eight Years.

Many people think that music producer Coleman met his former girlfriend, Claire Stoermer while working at school, yet it is still unclear how the two met. Furthermore, it has been established that the couple had been dating for a very long period before their 2008 family-focused wedding.

Furthermore, did you know that 12 years before their 1996 wedding, Kazembe had a child with his ex-wife? Before things between the two becoming worse, they enjoyed a pleasant marriage for almost eight years.

What Caused the Divorce of Zendaya’s Parents? Are They Still Friends?

The parents of Disney actress Kazembe and Claire divorced in 2016 after eight years of marriage. TMZ claims that his wife Claire Stoermer filed for divorce from Kazembe, her longtime partner.

Following the public leak of their divorce, Zendaya—more widely known online as MJ from the new Spider-Man series—also shared a picture of herself with her parents. As she wrote

“You guys didn’t know my parents weren’t together for a long time because we’re private and they still love each other, #lateassnews.”

Even though Kazembe and Claire parted ways more than a decade ago, they remain the closest of friends. They continue to provide their only daughter, Zendaya, with unwavering love and support.

Kazembe was married to someone else before Claire. Nevertheless, it is exceedingly difficult to determine the identity of the woman and the duration of Kazembe Ajamu Coleman’s first marriage. Oh, long enough to have five children.

Of the large Coleman Family, AD Coleman is the father of six children!

Yes, Zendaya’s father had a previous marriage that produced five half-siblings. Her father has two sons and three other daughters. Zendaya has sisters Katianna, Annabella, and Kaylee, and brothers Austin and Julien Coleman.

The other Coleman siblings are less well-known, though. Like his sister, Austin, Kazembe’s eldest son, is an actress, but he also keeps to himself.

Coleman has excellent relationships with each of her children, as we have already stated. On his social media accounts, he also frequently posts updates about his children. He’s a grandfather now, too. Coleman posted a lovely family portrait with his grandchildren in July 2021.

Is Zendaya, the eldest daughter of Kazembe, close to her five half-siblings?

Even though she is not related to any of her half-siblings, Zendaya appears to be close to them all. She is frequently spotted spending time with them and has a great affection for each of them.

Further evidence of this may be found in an interview the Emmy Award-winning actress gave on how much she admires her older sister Katianna. Says she

I recognize the impact my big sister has had on me and how she has improved me as a person, and I look up to her. Growing older, I came to understand the value of being from such a large, well-established family.

She also works with her older brother, Austin, which is good, in our opinion.

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman: Is She Married Again?

Kazembe, his third wife, has recently been keeping much of his personal information to himself, but we now know that the famous parent is seeing someone else. Several photos of the couple are available on his Instagram, even if the identity of his new love is still unknown.

A young child by the name of Maleaha Winfrey posted a picture of Kazembe and his partner on Instagram back in February 2020. In the caption, she called them a “Beautiful couple.”

It appears that the two have been dating for more than three years. Have they tied the knot, though? Is the response to the query! Similar to their previous romantic relationships, they have kept their marriage a secret.

However, it is safe to assume that the music producer and his new wife had been married for a few years given he referred to his new wife’s mother as his “mother-in-law” in an Instagram post. Coleman shared a picture of himself and his mother-in-law on Instagram in August 2022, with the message,

“Forever reunited with my mother-in-law!”

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