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Keith Levene The Co-Founder Of The Clash And Public Image Ltd Passed Away

Keith Levene

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The Clash and Public Image Ltd. co-founder Keith Levene passed away at age 65. His death was confirmed on social media by Martin Atkins and Jah Wobble, members of his former band.

Levene passed away on November 11 at his Norfolk, England, home from liver cancer, according to The Guardian.

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“Learning of the passing of guitar icon Keith Levene is shocking. We experienced ups and downs, but they eventually became less noticeable. I will always be in awe of his remarkable brilliance.

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Keith Levene, who was born in London’s Wood Green, has always been passionate about music. He began playing the guitar when he was in his early teens and has since worked with numerous well-known bands, building a name for himself.

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When word of Keith Levene’s demise spread on Twitter, users expressed their sorrow and paid tribute to the legendary guitarist. Levene’s youthful images were contributed by a number of people, one of whom referred to him as “one of the finest guitarists of the 1980s.”

In the 1980s, Keith Levene played a crucial role in the punk and post-punk music scenes. He began his musical career as a young child working as a roadie for the progressive rock group Yes.

Together with Mick Jones, he founded the rock group The Clash in 1976, but he left before their self-titled album was finished. The song What’s My Name from their 1977 album was co-written by him, nevertheless.

Levene founded Public Image Ltd. alongside lead vocalist John Lydon, drummer Jim Walker, and bassist Jah Wobble when Sex Pistols split up in 1978.

Reggae and dub were featured in PiL’s 1979 album Metal Box, which helped to enhance the punk music scene. Public Image: First Issue, the band’s debut album, and Flowers of Romance, their third album, were both worked on by Levene.

What happened to me was that I didn’t want to be like any other guitarist after I mastered the rules. I didn’t try to be different in any way. Simply put, I had a strong sense of what was amiss. I was therefore willing to listen to it again if I made any mistakes or sang something out of tune.

Richard Levene

Despite contributing lyrics to the band’s fourth studio album, This Is What You Want, This Is What You Get, Levene left the group in 1983. Levene relocated to Los Angeles after leaving. He reformed with Wobble, a former member of PiL, and they recorded Yin & Yang in 2012. The British novelist Adam Hammond and Keith were collaborating on a book on Keith’s experience in the PiL, according to The Guardian.

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