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Kenan Thompson | Brother, Age Gap And Family

Kenan Thompson

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Kenan Thompson is a talented American actor and comedian. Having joined the cast of Saturday Night Live on NBC in 2003, he holds the record for the longest tenure of any performer in the history of the show.

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He is well-known for his performances on Kenan on NBC from 2021 to 2022, in addition to Saturday Night Live.

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He had appearances in films such as Fat Albert and Good Burger throughout his acting career.

In addition, Kenan had small roles in the movies Heavyweights, My Boss’s Daughter, Snakes on a Plane, and Love Don’t Cost a Thing.

Thompson won one of five Primetime Emmy nods for his exceptional performance on Saturday Night Live.

Thompson Kenan Sibling Kerwin Thompson: The Difference in Ages

The comedian from America is fortunate to have two siblings: Felicia Thompson and Kerwin Thompson.

The family’s eldest kid is Kerwin Thompson, Kenan Thompson’s brother. Additionally, they don’t appear to be very different in age from the outside.

Based on all the evidence, Kerwin is almost fifty years old. He is still unknown as to the precise date of his birth and his age, though.

It is safe to believe that there is not a significant age gap between him and his brother Kenan, given his looks. Given that Kenan was born in 1978, he is currently 45 years old.

In terms of Kerwin’s career, he performs professionally, much like his younger brother. He portrayed King Silas in the Disney+ series The Quest.

His IMDb bio states that he began acting at the age of five.

He sang with the Atlanta Boy Choir in eight different countries as a boy, performing for many dignitaries including Oscar-winning actress Sophia Loren and Georgia Governor Joe Frank Harris.

In addition, he made appearances in several plays and musicals, several of which he co-starred in alongside his brother Kenan. Among these was Chris Cross: A Musical Journey, which Xavier Roberts executive produced.

His roles in A Piece of My Mind, Crazy Anity, Mama Bear, Colored Lodging, The Passing of Fatha Thyme, and a few more well-known films are among his other well-known endeavors.

It’s interesting to note that Kewin, the brother of Kenan Thompson, also took home the National Gold ADDY Award for Best Commercial and the 2022 Emmy Award.

In 2019, he was also honored with the first-ever Taurean Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Tree of Kenan Thompson Families

Born to Fletcher and Elizabeth Ann Thompson in Columbus, Ohio, Kenan Thompson is originally from that city.

While his mother worked as a nurse, we don’t currently know anything about his father’s career.

Kenan was raised in a wonderful home and had a wonderful bond with his family.

He was a joy to be around and would frequently pose as comedians like Bill Cosby in front of his family.

His achievements and notoriety have surely brought his family great pride.

In addition, Kenan takes great pride in being a parent. Georgia and Gianna are his two beautiful children from his previous marriage to Christina Evangeline.

In April 2022, the parents announced their divorce, although they haven’t stopped co-parenting their kids.

In November 2011, the former couple exchanged vows at the Georgia Aquarium. Georgia, the eldest daughter of Kenan and Christina, was born three years later.

2018 saw the birth of their younger daughter Gianna, who shortly after became their parents for the second time.

In a May 2018 People interview, Kenan talked candidly about his experiences as a father.

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