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Keyonte George | Girlfriend | Relationship

Keyonte George

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One of the best prospects in the 2023 NBA Draft, George is projected to go in the first 10 picks. As a McDonald’s All-American and participant in illustrious competitions like the Jordan Brand Classic and Nike Hoop Summit, he received several distinctions and recognitions.

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Keyonte George was declared for the 2023 NBA Draft due to his strong results and potential.

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His ability to score, athleticism, and skill set as a whole have made him a desirable prospect for NBA teams.

In terms of his private life, he is presently dating Yahaira Owens, also referred to as Yaya.

Meet Yahaira (Yaya) Owens, a girlfriend of Keyonte George

Keynote George, a highly skilled basketball player who has been making waves in the NCAA and is anticipated to be selected in the top 10 in the 2018 NBA draft, is dating Yahaira Owens, commonly known as Yaya.

Yaya brings her skill and enthusiasm to the sports world as an athlete. She was born on February 26, 2003, in Texas, and was raised in a loving and active household.

Her parents, Carmen Contreras, and Lawrence George, have played a significant role in fostering her desire to pursue an athletic career.

Yaya’s athletic career has been influenced by the fact that her father, Lawrence, is a high school football coach and athletic coordinator.

Yaya had to change schools a few times because of her father’s work, but she never wavered in her commitment to the game.

When she decided to play soccer at Prairie View A&M University in Division I, her skill and hard work finally paid off.

She joined the Prairie View A&M soccer team formally in 2020 after signing her national letter of interest.

Despite Yaya and Keyonte not being very active on social media, their bond is clear from the way they encourage one another.

Along with supporting Keyonte and the Baylor Bears, Yaya’s parents may be seen supporting both sportsmen. In addition to being a gifted player, Keyonte George’s basketball career is supported and loved by Yahaira “Yaya” Owens.

Their love story is a tribute to their dedication and shared love of athletics as they pursue their sporting aspirations.

Yahaira (Yaya) Owens and Keyonte George’s dating and relationship history

During their high school years, Keyonte George and Yahaira Owens began a fantastic romantic adventure together. As they pursued their own sports careers, they continued to encourage and support one another.

When they first met, it was in high school, and their friendship quickly developed into a lovely relationship.

They managed the obstacles of a long-distance relationship while overcoming the barriers of attending different schools while being dedicated to each other.

Keyonte transferred to the famous IMG Academy in Florida for his final year as his basketball career rose to recognition.

Even though this increased the couple’s separation, their dedication to one another remained unwavering.

They have been one other’s biggest cheerleaders throughout this trip, encouraging one another from the sidelines.

Their long love story never fails to inspire, even as Yahaira Owens continues to flourish on the soccer field and George’s basketball career pulls him toward the NBA draft.

They represent the strength of encouragement, commitment, and unshakable love as they pursue their goals as a partnership and as individuals.

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