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Kim Harrison | Married Life, Career And Net Worth

Kim Harrison

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Fantasy writer Kim Harrison was once Dawn Cook. Her most well-known work is the #1 New York Times best-selling Hollows trilogy. In addition, she has published more than two dozen books and written more than urban fantasy.

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Her genres include full-color world books, anthologies, accelerated-science thrillers, and young adult fiction. Harrison has also written the scripts for two standalone graphic novels that are situated in the Hollows universe.

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Despite having authored more than twenty novels, Kim’s personal life has been the subject of far too few articles. So scroll down to learn everything there is to know about her life before becoming a well-known author, including details about her marriage and the things that motivated her to write.

Michigan is the birthplace of Kim Harrison.

In 1966, Kim Harrison was born. In the upper Midwest, close to Ann Arbor, Michigan, she was raised. After earning a bachelor’s degree in the sciences, she relocated to South Carolina. Cook stayed there for a while before returning to Michigan.

Growing up, Kim Harrison was the only girl in a family full of boys.

Born in 1966, Kim Harrison was raised in the upper Midwest, close to Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Harrison describes herself as a self-described “former tomboy” because she was allegedly raised in a home of guys and was the only girl. Her father was an Alzheimer’s patient.

Her experience as a library aide in middle school ultimately played a significant role in her decision to pursue a career as a writer.

Despite having a passion for writing from the start, she approached it in an unconunconventionallyshe didn’t take any English classes in high school or college other than the prerequisites. She completed her undergraduate studies at Saginaw Valley State University and earned a bachelor’s degree in biology. In college, Kim also studied science and technology.

Kim Harrison Had Difficulties in the Beginning of Her Career

The Pale Demon writer started with cla science fiction before switching to modern fantasy. She decided to concentrate more on character development after this.

She had a lot of difficulties over the majority of her first ten years as an author. At a literary convention, she later met her current agency, who subsequently put her in touch with Diana Gill. In the end, Gill would work as Harrison’s editor.

Harrison published the Decoy Princess and Truth series, classic fantasies, while still Dawn Cook. Originally, there was just one book, the first two Truth volumes. Later, the author divided them into two distinct novels for publication. In the early years of the twenty-first century, both series saw their publication dates.

The sequels Hidden Truth (2002), Forgotten Truth (2003), and Lost Truth (2004) followed First Truth (2002). She also wrote The Fantastic Fantasy Sea (2006) and The Decoy Princess (2005).

The Hollows, a popular book series by Kim Harrison

In 2004, Cook started releasing The Hollows under the pen name Harrison. Her best-selling urban fantasy series would arise from this. Rachel Morgan is a witch in the fiction.

Dead Witch Walking is officially Harrison’s debut novel, which she co-wrote with Gill, her editor. HarperTorch published the book in paperback in 2004.

Kim Harrison’s fantasy novel series, Hollows, has made her famous.

Harrison released The Good, the Bad, and the Undead (2005), Every Which Way But Dead (2005), A Fistful of Charms (2006), For a Few Demons More (2007), and The Outlaw Demon Wails (2008) after the release of Dead Witch Walking (2004). The latter became Where Demons Dare in the UK. The White Witch, Black Curse (2009) was the most recent sequel. The Michigan native reportedly has at least two more books planned for the series.

The author, who is from the Midwest, is the author of almost two dozen works, including two graphic novels and a large-scale global book in the Hollows series, which is also known as the Rachel Morgan series. In the alternate past depicted in the television series, genetically enhanced tomatoes trigger an epidemic that affects the entire planet.

Many people around the world have perished as a result of this. The majority of the titles parodied Clint Eastwood films. However, the author views them as a nod to the work of seasoned actors and directors.

The Hollows books have multiple prequels, one of which is a young adult tale.

Kim; Following Her Present Success

Following the publication of her debut book, Kim quit her day job to devote herself full-time to writing. She lists one of her main writing inspirations as music. Kim even gives song lists for a few of her characters, in fact. Scts with fans through her blog and self-maintained website when she isn’t writing.

June 2020 saw the publication of Cook’s most recent two novels, American Demon and Million Dollar Demon, respectively.

In between working on the Hollows books and a graphic novel based on the Hollows universe, Harrison is supposedly planning a young adult series. Harrison, the author of Dead Witch Walking, is a member of the International Thriller Writers in addition to being a fantasy writer.

She has also authored a number several short stories.

The Views Of Other Authors Regarding Kim Harrison

She has frequently been praised by other writers and has multiple times debuted at the top of the New York Times Best Seller list. Kim was regarded by most as one of the most popular and significant writers of urban fantasy. She is the inspiration for authors Kelly Gay and Courtney Allison Moulton. The redhead was named one of the hottest writers in the hugely popular category of seductive supernaturalism by Amazon in 2007.

She Battled Having Two Names

Harrison acknowledges that it was difficult for her to keep up two distinct personas and that she was relieved when people figured it out.

It wasn’t until May 2009 that the public learned that Cook and Harrison were the same individual, according to an article in Locus magazine.

In 2009, Kim Harrison disclosed that she went by two names.

Kim Harrison claims that in the beginning, she had difficulty because people were unaware of her true identity, Dawn Cook.

Speaking of the declaration, Kim stated,

It is difficult to uphold these two distinct identities and to remind friends and family when you go out, so I’m pleased it’s out in the open.

In an interview, the Hollows author explained her decision to use two names. According to the blonde writer, choosing two distinct names was required by contract. She had changed publishers. Because of (legal) clauses, she found that taking a pen name was the easiest course of action.

Is The Hollows TV Series Ending?

Best-selling author Kim Harrison announced in September 2014 that she has concluded her widely read “The Hollows” trilogy with “The Witch With No Name.” The choice to end the series was not taken lightly, the author disclosed.

She reasoned that she couldn’t possibly write anything more in the Hollows because she had so much more she wanted to do. However, the author of Ever After stated that a spinoff series would never be ruled out.

The writer stated that she and her agent had only looked at the CW agreement when asked if there had been any interest in developing “The Hollows” for television. She also mentioned that “The Hollows” was canceled in the pilot stage, despite the network briefly owning the rights to the show. Cook clarified that in addition to the creators, she had other priorities. She was granted the rights once more.

Kim Harrison is married to whom?

The Michigan author hasn’t disclosed much about her personal life, but multiple sources have verified that she is married and has kids of her own. But she hasn’t a photo of them.

Harrison, her husband, and their two kids were residing in South Carolina when this information was published by Locus Magazine in May 2009. Kim stated to Grim Dark Magazine in June 2020 that her husband Tim is adept at maintaining the flow of discussion.

Tim and Kim are wed. The couple has two kids together.

However, it’s unclear if Tim is the same person Kim was referring to back in 2009. But in November 2017, she posted a photo of herself on Instagram with an unidentified man that many assume to be her husband, Tim. However, the author omitted any information about his true identity. Regarding Tim, his final post on Cook’s social media was made in January 2020 (Facebook).

Kim’s Amount of Wealth

Details regarding Cook’s estimated net worth have not yet been revealed. She has scarcely ever disclosed the amount of money she has earned from her publications to date. But since she’s a New York Times best-selling novelist, she probably has millions of dollars in her name at the very least.

The Hollows Books by Kim Harrison: Publication Order

  • Walking Dead Witch
  • The Undead (2005) and the Good, the Bad
  • All Directions Except Dead (2005)
  • Charms in a Fistful (2006)
  • A Few More Demons (2007)
  • Demon Wails, the Outlaw (2008)
  • Black Curse, White Witch (2009)
  • Sanction Black Magic (2010)
  • Dark Demon (2011)
  • A Perfect Red (2012)
  • After All (2013)
  • (2014) The Undead Pool
  • The No-Name Witch (2014)
  • Abrupt Reversal of Course (2014)
  • Waylaid (2016)
  • Turn (2017)
  • 2020’s American Demon
  • 2021’s Million Dollar Demon

Additional Information About Kim Harrison

  • Harrison loves Ray Bradbury to pieces.
  • She also enjoys hunting through antique stores to fill her new or old Victorian home with furnishings.
  • Harrison is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America as well as the Romance Writers of America.
  • Because she adores the snow, she adores living in the upper states.
  • Harrison appears in public as Harrison when wearing a wig and a different outfit.
  • She is proficient on the Ashiko drum as well.
  • It’s possible to read her book series Hollows out of order.
  • In reality, she is blond.
  • The concept of GMO killer tomatoes originated from her biology studies.
  • She is not a coffee lover.
  • Kim is skilled at making woolen toys as well.

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