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Kim Petras | Relationship: Is Grammy Winners Dating Sam Smith?

Kim Petras

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German pop artist Kim Petras is the first transgender person to get a Grammy award. There is no trustworthy news or information that suggests she is in a romantic relationship or that she once dated Sam Smith.

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German singer-songwriter Kim Petras is living in Los Angeles, California, and has established a successful career in the music business.

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She has a sizable fan base thanks to her distinctive look and pop music, and she keeps releasing new songs and giving concerts for them.

Is Sam Smith dating Grammy Award winners Kim Petras?

German pop singer Kim Petras is currently unmarried. She is not in a relationship as a result.

Sam Smith, an English musician, is regarded as the best friend of German pop singer Kim Petras, who is residing in Los Angeles. They get along well together.

Sam has always been one of my closest friends. He has faith in me. Sharing this bond with someone who consistently counsels me on how to live my life feels too special.

He even taught me how to handle differing viewpoints. I count it a blessing that I’ve had the chance to study so much.

I have no doubts! Sam will never be able to get rid of me, and for the rest of our lives we will sing together.

The Unholy singer might also search for a partner that complements her personality well.

Many people are curious about Petra’s sexual orientation and think that she doesn’t have a spouse because of her gender preference.

Kim, on the other hand, holds a different viewpoint and asserts, “I’m an artist, not a gender. I don’t make assumptions about people based on their gender or sexual preferences.

Lutz and Kenni Petras, Kim Petras’s parents, are proud of her.

Lutz and Kenni Petras welcomed Kim into the world on August 27, 1992, in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Her father is an architect, while her mother is a choreographer and artist.

Grammy winner was born with a male gender, but by the time she was two years old, she understood she was female.

Petras was sexually open to her parents when she was a small child despite being born a male biologically. Her parents have always loved her just the way she is. They never attempt to force gender norms on her.

In order to secure approval for her gender-confirmation operation, a documentary about her life was filmed in 2007. In Germany at the time, 18 was the minimum age for receiving this treatment.

Sina is a musician like her younger sister. She, on the other hand, would much rather live a quieter life. In the media, more information about Sina Petras is required.

Kim, for instance, appeared on television for the first time at the age of 13. She made an appearance on a German news program in 2006.

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