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Kristen Galvan | Missing | Is She Found Yet

Kristen Galvan

Kristen Galvan, a youngster from Spring, Texas, went missing more than three years ago. She was only 15 when she vanished from her family in January 2020.

The first two episodes of the Paramount Plus series “Never Seen Again” season 1 focus on Kristen’s life after her mother and the Houston police realized she had been taken by a sex trafficker.

a kid has gone missing Kristen should be at home with her family on April 23, 2023, to celebrate her 19th birthday.

Instead, the mystery surrounding her abduction looms over what should have been a happy moment.

Houston What Happened to Kristen Galvan?

Kristen Galvan’s disappearance began on January 2, 2020, when she vanished from her Spring, Texas, home.

Although many people who knew her thought she was open and charming, Kirsten, like most girls her age, enjoyed being active and spending time with friends.

According to her friends, she was completely in love with life, with no signs of trauma or despair.

That all changed when Kristen began an internet relationship in 2019.

Kristen, a teen, felt special when a male she met online paid her attention and complimented her.

Even though the connection was meant to be casual, Kristen found herself profoundly connected and willing to go anywhere her lover wanted her to go.

Even though she had parents, friends, and a large support network in her hometown, she opted to depart with him in 2009.

Despite this, Kristen was discovered on Houston’s Bissonnet Street around a week and a half after she went missing.

Her family was thrilled to see her return, but they immediately noticed a shift in her demeanor.

Furthermore, the child had endured great trauma as a result of being a victim of sex trafficking, and her loved ones attempted to console her.

As a consequence, Kristen eventually began to move on from her past, and she even received her phone back in January 2020.

But fate had other intentions, and Kristin vanished for the second time just a day after receiving her phone on January 2, 2020, posing a fresh difficulty for the family.

The police were permitted to conduct the second inquiry, as they were with the first, but even a statewide search yielded no information on Kristen’s whereabouts.

Kristen Galvan is still missing; has she been found?

Unfortunately, Kristen Galvan’s disappearance remains unsolved.

Kristen’s fourth birthday after her disappearance is this year.

Last year, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children created an age-progressed image of Kristen to show how she may appear.

She weighed around 135 pounds and was about 5’6″ tall when she vanished. Similarly, the adolescent has hazel eyes and blonde hair.

The smallest piece of information might be the key to securely returning Kristen.

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