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Kyle Abrams And Tania Leanos Have Officially Announced

Kyle Abrams

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The Love is Blind Season 2 actor Kyle Abrams appears to have found love once more. After breaking up with Deepti Vempati on Friday, November 18, Kyle shared a video of himself and his new girlfriend Tania Leanos having fun together on Instagram.

Additionally, Tania Leanos published a movie with numerous images of the couple at various times. According to her LinkedIn profile, Tania founded DFC (DeLeanos Financial Corp) and has served as a vice president for the company for 11 years.

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She frequently collaborates with Kenia Leanos’ clothing line on Instagram and was recently seen performing with Kenia Leanos at the Sunset KeniaLea.Co Fashion Show.

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Leanos has experience in psychology, business, criminal law, and media. She received an associate’s degree in political science and government from Triton College. 2020 saw Tania earn her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and prisons from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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She has also spent the previous five years working as an adviser at DFC, where she has given clients access to a range of annuities, including life and retirement insurance. Ketchup, a white Shih Tzu, is Tania’s dog.

Leanos, Tania

In September 2022, Kyle Abrams announced his divorce from Deepti. He stated that he had “got into a new relationship,” but he withheld the name of the mystery woman. Supporters of Love is Blind had heard Deepti say that it was tough for her to see Kyle continue since she cared about him. Deepti added the following:

Relationship between Kyle Abrams and Deepti Vempati

While in the pods, Kyle Abrams and Shaina Hurley made an effort to get along despite having distinct religious backgrounds.

Shaina, on the other hand, broke up with Kyle in episode 6 to date Shayne. In season 2 of Love is Blind, Deepti got married to Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee. Shake disparaged Deepti while she was taking part in the experiment, even saying that he didn’t find her visually alluring. During the vows, Deepti brazenly rejected Shake by saying:

The shake was reprimanded by Deepti’s brother for making snide remarks about her appearance and anxieties. At the reunion, Kyle said that he should have proposed to Deepti instead of making the same mistake.

The two then started dating and were spotted together in Chicago’s Wicker Park in March 2022. Deepti said following the Altar when Kyle and Deepti appeared on Love Is Blind:

Deepti declared that she wanted to marry Kyle Abrams and that she could see herself living out the rest of her days with him. However, the couple revealed that they had broken up after the show’s conclusion aired.

According to Deepti, they decided to separate because they were traveling “different tracks” and desired “different outcomes from life.” In a different interview, Deepti said that the couple’s communication problems and the stress of the “outside world” were the main reasons for their divorce. There isn’t a pair for Love is Blind Season 2 yet.

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