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Larry Mazza


Larry Mazza- Biography

Larry Mazza is well-known as a gangster and an American actor. Additionally, he is recognized for his novel, “The Life: A Brooklyn Boy Is Seduced Into the Mafia’s Dark World.”

What is the Net Worth of Larry Mazza? Salary, Earnings

Following his release from prison, Larry Mazza was free to begin his new career as a fitness trainer. Larry shortly thereafter co-owned a gym on Merritt Island, appeared in a few films, and developed relationships with celebrities, producers, and directors. Mazza self-published the book and retains exclusive ownership of its rights. From the mafia to the well-known family guy and public figure, he has completely transformed his life. He earns a comfortable living as a result of his diligence and commitment. Mazza’s net worth is predicted to reach USD 23.5 million by 2022.

Larry Mazza- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings

Mazza was born in 1961 in Brooklyn, New York, United States of America. He will turn 61 in January 2022. He was raised in a fairly average home by Lawrence Sr., a fireman and FDNY lieutenant, and Joan, a banker. Larry was raised among his brothers and sisters.


Mazza attended a Catholic high school with his siblings and participated in athletics during his high school years. He also spent a semester at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Larry Mazza- Relationship, Married Life

He met his better half, Kellee Mezze, in 2012, with whom he fell head over heels in love and married the following year.

Larry Mazza- Professional Career

Larry Mazza, an undergraduate, was filling in as a grocery store delivery kid in 1978 when he encountered Linda Schiro, a lovely lady in her forties. They were immediately captivated. Schiro’s whereabouts and her marriage were unknown to him. Despite this, her significant other was Gregory “The Grim Reaper” Scarpa, one of the Colombo Crime Family’s supervisors. Scarpa allegedly boasted that he “ceased counting” after murdering 50 people during his heinous reign as a capo in the Colombo family. Scarpa even applauded the decade-long endeavor.

During those years, his newly discovered sweetheart introduced him to her mate and the hoodlum scene. Subsequently, he obtained work as an obligation authority at a circuit. He was soon promoted to positions of authority, where he was responsible for enforcing individuals’ commitments to pay. Mazza’s career as a mobster came to an end when he was shot in the eye and apprehended in Florida, where he sought refuge. Prior to the end of his criminal career, he was involved in 25 homicide plots, four of which he directly executed the killing shot.

Despite his insistence on utilizing his group’s blood, Scarpa died of AIDS after aiding the infection via blood bonding for a draining ulcer. Sadly, he had been tainted by a contaminated steroid needle. Additionally, Mazza was taken aback by Scarpa’s demise. He was sentenced to death on a daily basis for racketeering, murder, betting, and other offenses. He had been faithful to Scarpa for a very long time and was taken aback when he discovered his double life.

Author and actor careers

Larry Mazza wrote “The Life: A Brooklyn Boy Is Seduced Into the Mafia’s Dark World.” The novel is about a teen girl who dreams of a glorious future but is enticed by a more established lady. Finally, the mafia’s “Cosa Nostra” is brought into reality. Mazza also makes mentions in his account of assassinating Colombo Crime Family member Nicholas “Nicky Black” Grancio near Scarpa.

“I was a criminal, a prominent player in this ‘big Mafia battle,’ and I had just recently killed a major opposing figure – the conflict’s primary casualty up to this point,” he added. While incarcerated, he wrote a diary, which he later turned into a book following his release in 2001. On December 29, 2016, the book was delivered. Larry Mazza is now an expert and entertainer who appears in Mafia films and auditions for crowd-related jobs.

His most recent role was in “The Irishman,” a 2019 Mafia film starring Robert De Niro and directed by Martin Scorsese. Mazza also acted as a specialized counselor in the film. Additionally, he was a fan of the television series “I Married a Mobster” (2011) and the narrative series “I Married a Mobster (2018).”

Body Measurements: Height, Weight, Hair color

Larry Mazza stands at 5’10” and weighs approximately 62 kg, making him a welterweight. He possesses a reach of 1.78 meters, which he employs to dispatch opponents with his powerful punches. He has black hair that is beginning to gray and dark brown eyes.

Social media

Larry Mazza is only a sporadic user of social networking platforms.

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