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Laura Kuenssberg | Kids And Married Life

Laura Kuenssberg

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Laura Kuenssberg is married to business consultant James Kelly. Since 2019, the couple has enjoyed a wonderful marriage. In the political sphere, Laura Juliet Kuenssberg, sometimes known as just Laura Kuenssberg, is well-known.

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At BBC News, she serves as a political editor and is a British journalist. In July 2015, Nick Robinson was succeeded by Laura, who was the first female political editor at BBC News.

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In December 2021, she resigned from her post. The former chief political correspondent for the BBC has had a very successful career. She has also been involved in her fair share of scandals.

Regarding her private life, she has been wed to James Kelly since that year. But how did everything begin for the couple? Do they share any children? Let’s learn everything in the brief article we have today.

Who Is James Kelly’s Wife, Laura Kuenssberg?

As previously stated, James Kelly and Laura Kuenssberg have been wed since September 18, 2019.

James Kelly, the spouse of Laura Kuenssberg, is an Edinburgh-educated business consultant. James relocated to the US after receiving his degree and enrolled at Harvard University there.

Despite being one of the most popular TV commentators, Laura maintains her personal affairs private. There is very little information available on the Kuenssberg-Kelly pair.

The rumor that the journalist is a lesbian is untrue. Not being a lesbian, Laura Kuenssberg. Unfortunately, we were unable to determine the exact beginning of the narrative.

Laura Kuenssberg Dispute Pro-Left supporters have frequently charged Laura as harboring prejudices in favor of the Conservatives. Additionally, she had experienced retaliation from her critic, which compelled her to travel around with a bodyguard due to the serious threat to her safety.

Due to her inaccurate Tweet, the BBC News representative has now gotten herself into trouble. She and other Journalists received criticism in late 2019 for tweeting without checking. She later expressed regret about it.

She stirred up controversy on December 11 by disclosing the alleged results of postal votes live on TV. Looking fairly bleak for Labour in many areas of the nation, she remarked.

She may have committed a crime by stating it, which was against the rules of the Electoral Commission.

There have been several additional conflicts in addition to this, including criticism of her portrayal of Omar Salem and claims that she supported Cummings in the 2020 Dominic Cummings incident.

Kiessberg, Laura Salary, and Assets

For a very long period, Laura Kuenssberg has been actively pursuing her profession. She must have acquired great wealth in addition to developing a reputation for being mad.

The Sun reported that Laura Kuenssberg made between £200,000 and £249,999 per year at the BBC for the position she held until May 2022.

During an interview with Radio Times, the journalist said that she is well compensated for something that she much likes doing when questioned about her money. And she said, “I think I am paid very fairly.”

Furthermore, she took over as anchor of the BBC’s premier Sunda morning political program from Andrew Marr in September 2022 in a full-time capacity. In his job, Andrew Marr made between £335,00 and £340,000 annually.

Laura received a sizable wage raise along with her new position in Sunday politics. She was anticipated to receive a wage increase in the tens of thousands.

The political commentator expressed her utmost happiness over her new position. She felt privileged to be in the chair for the 2020s discussion.

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