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Learn More About Chante Moore’s Family, Children, And Husband Stephen G. Hill

Chante Moore

The spouse of Chante Moore is Stephen G. Hill. On October 22, 2022, the R&B artist wed the former BET Executive.

The television star and her ex-husbands have two kids together.

Chante Moore became well-known in the early 1990s and is now regarded as a prominent R&B vocalist. She has a singing career in addition to being an actress, television personality, and author.

Love’s Taken Over, It’s Alright, I’m What You Need, and numerous other of her songs have become hits. The RIAA awarded Precious, her maiden studio album, a gold certification in November 1994.

The songwriter and former BET executive Stephen Hillformer recently got married. The narrative of the newlyweds, as well as the musician’s children, ex-husband, and wealth, are discussed in today’s piece.

Moore Chante Gross Value

The R&B singer is one of Hollywood’s most well-known figures. Since 1985, the This Moment Is Mine singer has been involved in the music business. Moore has amassed a sizable fortune throughout her nearly 40-year career.

Chante Moore’s net worth is $1.5 million, based on Celebrity Net Worth. Her success as a singer, actress, and television personality contributed to her wealth.

According to Wage, American singers make an average annual wage between $42,565 and $58,116. Moore must also make a salary in that region.

Together, Chante Moore and Stephen Hill, her devoted husband, live comfortably. We hope the newlyweds have a strong relationship.

Meet Stephen G. Hill, husband of Chante Moore

The singer of the Straight Up song recently wed Stephen G. Hill, as was previously mentioned. On October 22, 2022, the Moore-Hill pair exchanged vows in Los Cabos, Mexico.

The devoted couple got engaged on October 26, 2021. They shared the wonderful news with their followers on social media. “Welcome to always,” she said in the description. and brought up her husband.

While Stephen claimed he intended to share his wife’s photo the day before, he instead posted it. The gorgeous photo and the nice caption were both contributed by the former BET executive.

The singer’s spouse claimed that he was meant to have posted the picture the day before and added, “I saw…this natural beauty right here. My Child. The Sun. The Room. The force and love. I photographed her posting instead of doing so. and lost yourself in one of life’s most gorgeous nights that had been shaped by many other lovely nights.

“Chosen not to post about it; just be about it,” Chante Moore’s husband stated. Lastly, I want to talk about my wife, @iamchantemoore. The singer’s boyfriend continued by saying that he wanted to make sure the day was perfect.

“We were surrounded by love, friends, and family while being married, and it was an amazing experience. More will follow. not right now. Think about it some more, Stephen said.

Children of Chante Moore And Former Partners

You may already be aware that the songwriter has had three marriages. The first marriage of Chante Moore was to Tony Guillen, a friend from her youth. They were wed from 1991 to 1994 but never had children.

The actress Kadeem Hardison was the second husband of the Love’s Taken Over singer. From 17 November 1997 to 25 September 2000, the former couple was married.

On 10 April 2003, the singer of Candlelight & You gave birth to her second kid (son), KJ Lattimore, with her third ex-husband, Kenny Lattimore. On January 11, 2011, the Moore-Lattimore couple divorced after nine years of marriage.

The musician and her current partner are not yet parents.

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