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Legal Problems With Alvin Kamara | Suspension, Arrest, And Charges | What Did He Do

Alvin Kamara

Kamara is accused of assaulting a guy outside a Las Vegas nightclub. As a result, Kamara is the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation in Nevada and a 10 million dollar damage civil action is ongoing in New Orleans.

Even while there has been some movement, the Alvin Kamara Las Vegas battery case has not yet been resolved. Following Kamara’s most recent court appearance on November 9, the patient’s judge decided to postpone the forthcoming talks hearing for 60 days.

Legal Problems with Alvin Kamara, What Did He Do?

Alvin Kamara has been sued for $10 million in New Orleans by the guy who claimed that Kamara assaulted him outside a casino in Las Vegas in February during the 2022 Pro Bowl weekend.

On February 5, about 6:30 am, Darnell Greene of Houston claimed that Kamara and a handful of his buddies had “brutally” beat him as they were leaving Drai’s Nightclub at The Cromwell Hotel and Casino. Sports Illustrated was given a copy of the case that The Buzbee Law Firm and Garner & Munoz filed in the Civil District Court of Orleans on behalf of Greene.

The lawsuit claimed that in addition to being “temporarily unconscious and helpless on the floor,” Greene allegedly sustained various injuries as a consequence of the savage assault, including a “broken orbital lobe,” a “severely injured shoulder, back, and neck,” and other ailments.

Greene was lifted off the ground following the alleged attack and brought to a medical expert before being sent to Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas.

According to the lawsuit, Greene is currently receiving treatment for his attack-related wounds and will require more surgery.

Alvin Kamara, is he suspended?

Alvin Kamara has thus far been able to travel with the group, both in New Orleans and in London earlier this season when the Saints were playing away from home.

It shouldn’t conflict with any of Kamara’s club obligations because the trial date in March will fall firmly in the offseason, roughly two weeks before the NFL starts its free agency period.

Kamara’s ban from the league headquarters in New York should not prevent him from finishing the season without missing any games.

The NFL has a long-standing practice of enforcing bans, penalties, and other league sanctions after the court case has been resolved. Because this issue won’t be determined until after the 2022 season, any prospective break for Kamara won’t begin until 2023.

The Saints should replenish and retool so that they can be more competitive in 2023, therefore Kamara may argue that he should take the punishment right away.

Arrest and Charges for Alvin Kamara

At least $5 million of the $10 million in damages sought by Greene in the lawsuit would go toward past, present, and future medical expenses as well as income losses. The remaining $3 million will be used to cover pain and suffering, deformity, and mental anguish.

In addition, Greene requests all court expenses, pre-and post-judgment interest as allowable by law, and exemplary damages of at least $5 million.

Attorneys will reconvene in court on January 23, 2023, but this is only one more step. The judge also set a trial date on March 1, 2023, which is more urgent and is probably going to involve Kamara.

Greene, Kamara, Chris Lammons of the Kansas City Chiefs, and others were seen on security footage waiting in the elevator of the nightclub. However, the complaint claims that Kamara crossed his arms over Greene’s chest to prevent Greene from accessing the elevator.

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