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Leni Klum Tattoo Meaning, How Many Body Ink Does She Have? Parents And Partner

Leni Klum

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The message of Leni Klum’s tattoo is incredibly poignant. The supermodel, who works with well-known companies, most recently had an appearance in Flaunt magazine.

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Leni Klum, who was born in New York City on May 4, 2004, has been a major force in the modeling world. She represents Michael Kors and Dior Beauty. She has been on the covers of many magazines, such as Vogue Germany. She collaborates with Dolce & Gabbana as well.

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When Leni was only sixteen years old in 2021, she began her modeling career. Her first photo session was with Heidi Klum, her mother, or the Victorious secret model for Vogue Germany.

Second-generation models like Lila Moss, Kate Moss’ daughter, and Lily-Rose Deep, Jonney Deep’s daughter, share the modeling stage with Leni Klum.

Does Leni Klum Have Several Tattoos? What Does Her Tattoo Mean?

The Leni Klum tattoo has a really nice significance. Since Klum hasn’t disclosed it and most of us haven’t seen it, many people were shocked to discover her tattoo.

In her Vogue interview, Klum disclosed her tattoo. She said that it was a friendship tattoo with her uncle Bill Kaulitz and stepfather Tom Kaulitz.

Leni Klum has a tattoo of herself with Bill and Tom Kaulitz. [Refer to Instagram]
Three little dots on the inside of Leni Klum’s finger stand for Bill Kaulitz, Tom, and herself. After Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz were married, she received this tattoo.

Leni Klum’s parents are who?

Leni Klum is the oldest child of renowned supermodel Heidi Klum, as far as we know. Born on June 1, 1973, Heidi is a German-American model. In 2023, her age will be 50.

During her daughter’s first significant photo session for Vogue Germany, Heidi assisted her. The mother and daughter pair were framed in an amazing photo session.

Heidi Klum is a three-time married woman. She first wed Italian businessman and former Formula 1 racing team manager Flavio Briatore. Leni’s biological father is also him. Then, in 2005, Heidi wed the well-known British musician Seal.

After that, Heidi gave birth to Henry, Johan, and Lou, three beautiful kids. But in 2014, the pair broke up.

According to sources, Briatore did not actively participate in Leni’s life as a parent. She was raised by Seal, who subsequently adopted her as his daughter in 2009.

On February 22, 2019, Heidi wed the guitarist Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel once again after a string of breakups and divorces.

Leni and her siblings participated in the marriage proposal as well. Onboard a boat known as Christina O., they were married. The couple invited only those who were close to them.

Leni spoke with Vogue about Tom’s proposal to her mother. “He asked all of us, children, for permission,” she said.

At Christmas, we fed them both breakfast in bed, and when he accepted the ring, we all became really anxious. Heidi Klum did this only to make it interesting.

Henry, Johan, and Lou are Leni’s three younger siblings. She hugs and loves them really. Additionally, Klum is the half-brother of Flavio Briatore, a man called Natho. She just traveled to spend a vacation with the Flavio family.

Leni Klum Partner: Aris Rachevsky: Who Is He?

Aris Rachevsky, Leni Klum’s longtime lover, is the love of her life. According to his Facebook page, he was born in California in 2003 and attended Harvard University to further his education. Although there isn’t much information on him, Leni’s Instagram is full of him.

During Milan fashion week on September 9, 2022, we were able to see the adorable young pair having a good time and encouraging one another.

Leni said that she wanted to get matching lip tattoos with Aris. But Heidi wouldn’t have it.

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