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Lisa Rubin Wikipedia Age Partner And Salary Revealed

Lisa Rubin

Former litigator and MSNBC legal analyst Rubin is a significant legal and media personality. Her broad litigation history makes her a skilled off-air legal commentator for MSNBC programs including “The Rachel Maddow Show” and “Alex Wagner Tonight”.

Lisa’s MaddowBlog piece on her firsthand experience at former President Donald Trump’s arraignment in Miami offers a unique and enlightening viewpoint. Rubin’s accomplishments go beyond TV. She has contributed to NBC News, Wiley,, and The Lancet, demonstrating her flexibility and many interests.

Her writings have also appeared in EIN News, Pediatrics, Arutz Sheva/Israel National News, and Algemeiner Journal, confirming her status as an authoritative and knowledgeable pundit.

MSNBC: Lisa Rubin Wikipedia Age

The famous MSNBC writer Rubin maintains her age a secret, although her look suggests she is in her mid-40s. Her January 15 Twitter tweet celebrating her 75th MSNBC legal guest appearance since quitting her journalistic desk in July shows her busy career.

Five years ago, Lisa left Big Law, a turning moment in her career. Before her mother died in 2006, she lived an excellent family life with Larry Howard Rubin and Ellen Rubin. On International Women’s Day, she honored her mother with a touching message and an old photo of her and her parents. The article also mentioned a younger sibling whose name and looks are unknown to the public. She earned her bachelor’s degree at McGill University in 2000 after starting in 1998.

Lisa Rubin Partner

Lisa and Jon Oram have had a great love story for over 20 years. They married on August 17, 2002, and began their lives together. Jon graduated from the same law school five years earlier as Lisa. Jon hugged her upon graduation.

She enjoys posting cherished relationship moments on social media. She posts gorgeous photos of herself and her darling hubby on social media.

On August 17, 2022, she surprised her fans with a vintage wedding photo that captured their wonderful day. Jon and Lisa are delighted parents of two lovely girls. At Chelsea Piers, one of their children plays with NYC Cyclones U12 LT. Their daughter and the NYC Cyclones won the Riverbank Lightning Tournament in February 2022.

Lisa Rubin’s Salary Revealed

Lisa Rubin, a media star, has earned a lot of money. Although her pay is unknown, her career as an MSNBC legal commentator and litigation contributed to her financial success. She started her career soon after graduating. She worked hard as a Researcher, Reporter, and Host at Canwest from 2004 to 2007, learning about the media industry.

Her career took an exciting turn when she joined Segal Centre for Performing Arts in June 2011. She served as Executive Coordinator for over two years, contributing to the organization’s growth until 2013. Lisa became Artistic and Executive Director in September 2013—a litigator and off-air legal expert for The Rachel Maddow Show.

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