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Liza Todd | Parents, Career And Husband

Liza Todd

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American sculptor Liza Todd has gained notoriety because of her family’s involvement in show business. At first, Todd is well-known throughout the world for being the daughter of Mike Todd and the late actress Elizabeth Taylor.

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One of the well-known stars of her generation’s classic Hollywood films was her mother Taylor, who began her career as an actress as a young child.

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What Is The Net Worth of Liza Todd?

As a sculptor, the celebrity child supposedly earns a respectable living. She undoubtedly leads an opulent lifestyle because she comes from a wealthy family.

At the time of her death, her late mother Elizabeth Taylor’s net worth ranged from $600 million to $1 billion, according to CBS News. According to rumors, Liza distributes her mother’s lifetime earnings and inheritance with her siblings and their children.

Liza Todd: Is She Adopted? Who Are Her Actual Parents?

Elizabeth Frances Todd is Liza’s true name. August 6, 1957, was her birthdate in New York, USA. She weighed four pounds and fourteen ounces at birth. She will be 65 years old in 2022.

Liza is the sole child of Mike Todd and the late actress Elizabeth Taylor. When she was just a year old on March 22, 1958, her father, a theater impresario and movie producer, died in an aircraft disaster.

She thought Richard Burton was her “real dad,” the person who adopted her since she didn’t know Mike wasn’t her original father.

What Is Her Sibling Count?

In total, Todd has four siblings. Michael Wilding Jr. and Christopher Edward Wilding are her two half-brothers. Tarquin, Naomi, and Laela Wilding are the three children of her half-brother Michael.

She is the actress Kate Burton’s sister as well. Similarly, the designer and philanthropist Maria Burton Carson was adopted by their father, Richard Burton, from Germany.

Academic Requirements

Regarding Todd’s schooling, she obtained her degree from London’s Hornsey College of Art. She also attended the Los Angeles Otis Institute.

Who Is the Husband of Liza Todd?

Liza Todd was married to Hap Tivey back in 1984. Her ex-husband is a teacher and artist by trade. Her relatives and friends saw the couple’s private ceremony during which they exchanged wedding vows.

The couple shared a vintage Manhattan farmhouse (since sold) with 55 acres of verdant Valley woods for over two decades. Unfortunately, their relationship grew acrimonious, and they decided to dissolve it. In 2003, their divorce became formally final.

Does She Own Kids?

The star child and her ex-husband Hap are parents to two children. Quinn and Rhys Tivey, the couple’s two kids, were born together. Their two children work in the entertainment sector.

Quinn Tivey was born for the first time to Liza in 1986. He never used his grandmother’s name for anything, even when he applied to the University of Southern California to study cinema, just like his mother did. In the Ben Affleck movie The Company Men from 2010, he even assisted a producer on that project.

In his teenage years, he was employed as a server at The Quarry, a steakhouse located in the Hudon Valley. This demonstrates how Liza’s son doesn’t utilize his grandmother’s name in any way.

Conversely, Rhys Tivey, Todd’s second son, was born in 1992 and holds a degree from New York University. He is a gifted jazz musician who performs once a week at Times Square’s Gallagher’s Steak House. He even performed a trumpet version of “Amazing Grace” during his grandmother’s burial.

Kids Works by Liza Todd ETAF

All of Liza Todd’s children are involved with the Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation. Not only that, but every member of the renowned actress’s family serves as an ambassador for nonprofit organizations.

All of Elizabeth’s children and grandchildren, including Michael Wilding Jr., Laela Wilding, and Naomi deLuce Wilding, are striving for an AIDS-free world to carry on their mother’s legacy.

The family has been engaged in many projects as social activists for many years. They have taken an active part in AIDSWatch the biggest yearly HIV/AIDS campaign activities in America.

The Tivey brothers also assisted in organizing and participating in awareness-raising events like as the International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa, and the National HIV Testing Day Event at the Abbey.

Where Is Liza Todd Now That Her Divorce Has Ended?

The famous child and her ex-husband Tivey are still cordial. Despite getting divorced in the early 2000s, the pair remains amicable. They both reside in upstate New York, a short distance from one another.

Growing up as a star child, Liza was constantly in the spotlight, which is why she decided to keep a low profile as an adult. Her life following the divorce and her current married life are kept under wraps because she chooses to lead a low-key lifestyle.

Career Overview: Sculptor Liza Todd

The star child finished her schooling in 1979 and began her career as a sculptor right away. She started creating equestrian bronze sculptures because of her passion for horses, which inspired her to pursue a creative career.

Even the proprietors of several prestigious race sponsors awarded her special commissions for her statues. After that, she worked on monuments for the village of Gstaad, including a life-size bronze calf. In honor of the September 11 attacks, she also created a life-size rescue dog using pieces of the World Trade Center.

Todd then relocated to African wildlife in 2016 and worked mainly with elephants at HERD, South Africa’s elephant orphanage. She eventually made Rescue Scarves with cheetah and elephant designs based on the artwork she produced for the Jabulani Elephants show, From Line to Form. The exhibition’s earnings were given to South Africa to support the conservation of threatened species, including elephants and cheetahs.

In addition to pursuing her passion, Liza appeared in the 1969 film Anne of the Thousand Days as a 12-year-old. She quickly denied it when a reporter asked her at the time if she was following in her mother’s footsteps and seeking a career in acting.

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