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Lori Poland Abuses: What Happened To Her- Where Is Her Kidnapper Robert Paul Thiret Now?

Lori Poland

Abuse of Lori Poland: Robert Paul Thiret, who abducted her, was only incarcerated for six years before being freed in 1990. Now, where is the abductor of Lori Poland?

Forty years ago, two hikers who were birdwatching outside of Denver on a July day saw something unusual: a youngster crying out for assistance.

They discovered a kid in a pit toilet after following the noises. It was Lori Poland, that girl. They took her away from her front yard.

Furthermore, the 3-year-old daughter was subjected to sexual abuse prior to being dumped in the pit latrine. Back then, the event attracted a lot of media attention.

Her tale has once again attracted media attention forty years later. Find out Lori Poland’s current whereabouts and that of her kidnapper.

Abuse of Lori Poland: What Took Place With Her?

In August 1983, Lori Poland was abducted from her Sheridan, Colorado, yard. Robert Paul Theiret abandoned her to perish in a 15-foot sewage pit toilet outside of Denver, Colorado, after sexual abuse.

Thankfully, three days after she vanished, two Pennsylvania bird watchers trekking in the same region found her. Her three-day survival in the pit toilet was a testament to her strength and good fortune.

After being saved, Lori spent a few days in the hospital, where she got to know Dick Krugman, a doctor. Lori remains acquainted with the doctor she saw as a youngster.

Lori Poland Is Currently a Counselor

Lori Poland, a well-known victim of child abuse, is now a certified therapist. At Denver Counseling Options, she is employed.

Poland is not just a therapist but also an author and an advocate. In addition, she is a devoted mother to her three children and a devoted wife to her husband.

She founded The National Foundation to End Child Abuse and Neglect (EndCAN) with her childhood pediatrician and current friend, Dick Krugman.

The group wants to assist kids much like Lori. In addition, Lori Poland’s poignant memoir “I Live Here” was released. In her book, readers may track her painful childhood memories, her recovery, and the development of her activism as an adult.

“I always wanted to share my entire story when I was ready,” said the CEO of the EndCAN charity in an interview. I didn’t realize it would be a mixture of joy and terror.

“Excitement at demonstrating to the world that none of us are alone, yet fear of being exposed. What we choose to do with the events that have molded who we are has the power to really transform us,” Poland said.

Where Is Robert Paul Thiret, Lori Poland’s kidnapper, Right Now?

Robert Paul Thiret, the kidnapper of Lori Poland, was found guilty in September 1984 of kidnapping, assaulting her sexually, and abandoning her to die. He was given a ten-year jail term.

At a special hearing before Littleton District Court Judge Charles Friedman, the kidnapper entered a guilty plea to charges of sexually assaulting a child and attempting first-degree murder.

Robert Paul Thiret, however, was only incarcerated for six years. The 7th of December, 1990 saw his freedom. Thiret was eligible for parole in 1989, but because of public pressure, the authorities chose to keep him in prison.

In May, the Colorado Supreme Court found that Thiret was not eligible for parole at the time of the event and that, as a result of the delay, he had to be freed.

In June 1990, the kidnapper was sent to Jefferson County Jail to fulfill a sentence of telephone harassment, after his six-year sentence in state prison. His release was sharply opposed by the people.

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