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Luca Vialli | Battled With Pancreatic Cancer: Health Update

Luca Vialli

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When Pancreatic Cancer patient Luca Vialli was brought to the hospital, his illness captured the interest of the crowd.

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Italian football hero Gianluca Vialli is a former striker who also managed his country’s team.

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After retiring, Luca entered management and became a pundit. He had previously worked as a commentator for Sky Sport Italia.

The player served as the delegation head for the Italian national team’s non-playing personnel until resigning from it owing to his ongoing cancer struggle.

Luca is regarded as one of the greatest and most reliable Italian attackers of his time. The striker was a complete forward who could play wherever in the front line. He was also energetic, determined, and adaptable.

In addition to his football prowess, Luca was renowned for his dedication, strength of character, leadership skills, and endearing presence on the pitch.

Is pancreatic cancer Luca Vialli’s battle?

Gianluca’s comment that his struggle with pancreatic cancer was like having a “unwanted travel companion” caused the player to get media attention over his condition.

Additionally, the former striker believes the illness “will get tired and go peacefully for many years” while Roberto Mancini, the coach and former manager of Chelsea, works to make Italy ready to win at Euro 2020.

The Italy manager said that, in addition to already having a serious sickness, he is still battling pancreatic cancer and is presently in “maintenance mode.”

The 57-year-old striker was given the all-clear three years after receiving his diagnosis in 2017.

The former Chelsea manager recently gave up coaching the Italy team to concentrate on his battle with the illness, which he was once again diagnosed with in 2020.

When was the illness of Gianluca Vialli diagnosed?

According to Dailymail, the former Chelsea striker and manager has given the all-clear three years after receiving his diagnostic accuracy.

The 56-year-old is aware that his cancer will have long-term effects, but he believes that by setting an example for those facing similar challenges.

The Manager spoke with Sogno Azzurro, a show on RAI 1 that followed the growth of the Italian national team before Euro 2020: There is no way I can win this battle since cancer is a much stronger opponent than I am, I said.

Despite being sick, Luca was permitted to serve as the primary delegation officer for national team head coach Mancini, whom he knew from his time at Sampdoria.

Health Update for Gianluca Vialli: Is He Hospitalized?

Concerns regarding Gianluca Vialli’s health were raised after Mirrors reported that the legendary former Chelsea player had been sent to a hospital in London for pancreatic cancer treatment.

His mother and brother, according to Italian media reports, took a flight to London to visit him following his hospitalization for pancreatic cancer treatment.

Gianluca was diagnosed with cancer four years ago, and after completing treatment, he declared victory over the condition in November 2018.

In addition, Gianluca’s 87-year-old mother Maria Teresa has made the trip to England to be at his side. Vialli, 58, resigned from his role as the delegation’s leader last Monday in order to travel to Italy for medical care.

The former Chelsea striker’s condition deteriorated, and his family decided to take him to the hospital in 2017. He had previously received two rounds of chemotherapy for the tumor that had been found.

Luca, a former striker, had a second diagnosis but declared himself free of the illness in April 2020.

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