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Lucien Laviscount | Married To Brooke Vincent | Relationship

Lucien Laviscount

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After the second season of the Netflix series Emily in Pairs was aired, Laviscount became widely known. He made a spectacular entrance in season two, and we can only hope he returns in season three, which debuts on December 21, 2022.

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At the age of 10, Laviscount made his acting debut in a commercial. Since then, Lucien Laviscount has acted in several television shows and motion pictures.

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People are interested in learning about his relationship status after he became well-known following Emily in Paris, so read this article to find out more.

Is Brooke Vincent the wife of Lucien Laviscount?

The actor and Brooke Vincent were not married. Laviscount recently wed and got engaged.

In 2013, there were rumors of a romance between Vincent, the actress, and Lucien Laviscount. However, they do not have a romantic connection of any type.

People assumed they were dating since they were together on the soap opera 2009 Ben Richardson and Sophie Webster.

British actor Lucien Laviscount’s dating history and relationship timeline

According to his public declarations, he is currently single. Lucien Laviscount has kept his personal affairs highly quiet and hasn’t revealed any relationships in the open up to this point.

However, there have been several reports regarding his relationship; in 2019, Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter Kelly and the Actor were observed leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles holding hands, leading to the allegations that they were dating.

Lucien Laviscount reportedly dated his co-star and American actress Keke Palmer in 2015. The duo was frequently spotted in public in Los Angeles. But they never acknowledged their union.

The actor has frequently kept his relationship’s details a secret from his followers.

Lucien Laviscount and Leigh-Anne were once more linked to relationship rumors in 2012 after being seen out to dinner shortly after Anne’s X Factor victory.

He dated his co-star Chelsea before 2012, but their relationship did not last very long.

The relationship between Laviscount and glamour model Sophie Reade was publicized in 2010, and the two had been dating for some time. In a conversation, Reade also said that he was the ideal person and the whole package.

The actor Dominique Jackson and actress Dominique Jackson were reported to be dating before any previous relationships, although there was no concrete evidence.

Lucien Laviscount has dated a lot of his co-stars, but he is very discreet and has never made a public declaration about their relationship.

Lucien Laviscount has always been able to preserve his personal and professional lives in separate ways and has never combined the two.

Furthermore, public figures are free to keep any information about themselves private if they so want; we should respect this option.

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