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Luke Getsy Net Worth & Salary | How Rich Is He | Offensive Coordinator Contract Detail

Luke Getsy

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The offensive coordinator for the Raiders, Luke Getsy, is reportedly paid $1.5 million. Getsy held the same position with the Bears before.

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The offensive coordinator has held multiple positions while employed by the Packers in the past. He worked as an offensive coordinator for West Virginia Wesleyan for the first time in 2009. Since then, he has held positions at Mississippi State, Western Michigan, and Indiana.

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Kliff Kingsbury was set to join the Las Vegas Raiders, but the two sides could not agree on a contract. The Kingsburgs have employed the Washington Commanders. After the club matched for 18th place in scoring at 21.2 points per game, the Bears benched Getsy. Their lead over Las Vegas was only five spots. However, he also oversaw the Bears’ rushing attack, which came in second in terms of running yards.

Raiders OC Luke Getsy Salary: A New NFL Contract

The former offensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy, makes about $1.5 million annually. Getsy began his coaching career in 2007 at Akron. Since then, he has worked with numerous teams in both the NFL and college ranks. NFL offensive and defensive coordinators are paid an average of $1 million, according to a previous report from NBC Chicago. The team’s contract with these coaches is kept a secret, unlike the head coach position.

Vic Fangio signed a $4.5 million contract with the Miami Dolphins last year, making him the highest-paid coordinator in the National Football League. Fangio’s NFL career began in 1986, so he has a lengthy history there. This former Dolphins offensive coordinator has 33 years of NFL experience.

Nine of Getsy’s seventeen years of coaching expertise were spent in the NFL. In 2014, Getsy made his NFL debut with the Packers. He became the wide receivers coach after starting off as an offensive quality control coach. The salary of a wide receiver coach is less than that of an offensive or defensive coordinator.

He rejoined the Packers in 2019 as their quarterbacks coach and eventually rose to the position of passing game coordinator. Luke most likely made more than $700k considering that the football coach at Mississippi State made $600k the year before, according to USA Today.

Luke Getsy’s Net Worth and Contract

The football coach, Luke Getsy, is anticipated to be worth $1 million. After being hired offensive coordinator by the Bears in 2022, Luke Getsy most certainly received his first big NFL salary. Getsy had only served as a position coach with the Packers before. Getsy made about $67,500 in his early years as a wide receivers coach at Western Michigan in 2013, according to USA Today.

He likely received a larger contract from the Packers, possibly worth between $100,000 and $300,000. Getsy might have been able to negotiate a better price with the Raiders. Luke’s new bosses have a notorious reputation for giving their coaches contracts. Head coach Jon Gruden was signed by the Raiders in 2018 to a $100 million, ten-year contract.

With an estimated $40 million in unpaid guaranteed bonuses, Gruden resigned in 2021. The Raiders signed Josh McDaniels to a $60 million, six-year contract in 2022. He became one of the highest-paid coaches in the NFL as a result, but he was fired after just one season.

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