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Maiqui Pineda Illness And health: What Disease Does Robi Domingo Fiancée Have?

Maiqui Pineda

Learn about Maiqui Pineda’s condition and health problems in 2024, as fans are worried about his well-being in light of Robi Domingo’s most recent selfie.

Maiqui Pineda is a well-known public figure, businesswoman, media personality, content creator, influencer on social media, and business owner.

Between 1990 and 1994, she was born in Quezon City, Philippines. Maiqui is the longterm partner of Robi Domingo.

In November 2022, Maiqui rose to fame following her engagement to Robi Domingo.

Robi Domingo is a well-known Filipino VJ, actor, dancer, public figure, and presenter, as everyone knows.

He originally rose to fame as a contestant on Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Plus in 2008, where he entered and finished as the first runner-up.

He then became a member of ABS-CBN’s Star Magic group of professionals from the film and television industries. In addition, Domingo has appeared in a few films, such as Cinco, a five-part horror anthology.

Before fellow Gigger Boy AJ Perez, who was only eighteen years old, died in an automobile accident in Moncada, Tarlac, at the stroke of midnight on April 17, 2011, this film marked their last joint project.

Before shredding his sando at Furne One’s Far East section, he participated in the Bench “Uncut: A Bolder Look at the Future” Denim and Underwear Show at the Araneta Coliseum.

Illness Maiqui Pineda: What Is Robi Domingo Fiancée’s Illness?

Yesterday, July 18, TV personality Robi Domingo posted a selfie on Instagram with his fiancée Maiqui Pineda. Her poor condition shocked many celebrities and fans.

Robi mentioned that Maiqui is having problems right now, but he omitted to explain what happened to her.

The Kapamilya host captioned the pictures, saying, “These past few weeks have been difficult, to say the least.” “But I’ll be with you, here for you.”

In a similar vein, Robi shared a funny video on Instagram. It showed how Maymay Entrata inadvertently bumped into him while performing.

Nearly running over the on-screen speaker was the TV host. He then wrote, “@maybe I just want to work,” in jest.

He also spoke of a startling occurrence that happened to him and his mother at a restaurant. On social media, he shared a message about his experience.

The TV celebrity stated that the unexpected incident happened in the afternoon while he was out on a date with his mother.

He said that they became concerned, along with several other patrons, when they observed a minor flame emerging from the restaurant’s kitchen.

Details of Robi Domingo and Mauiqui Pineda’s engagement

The presenter of Idol Philippines and Pinoy Big Brother, Robi Domingo, disclosed a few months ago the reason behind his proposal to his longtime love Maiqui Pineda.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, he acknowledged having considered getting married in the past.

He stated, “She provides me with a great deal of support, and we share the same goals.” Our ideas are similar. I so need assistance in ending our conversation. I like to chat with her, especially when it’s about ideas.

Since they started dating, the presenter said, his fiancée has assisted him in maintaining his sense of reality.

Whenever I was sidetracked by a certain luxury in the world, she would just hold me back and say, “This is the wants of the world, this is what we need, and this is what you need to do.” Make the most of your voice; you have one,” he advised.

Maiqui and Robi both conveyed the same feelings. She acknowledged that she had already adapted to the public image of her future husband.

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