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Mareike Awe Age | How Old Is She | Explore Author Wiki And Partner Details

Mareike Awe

Mareike Awe’s age: She is a well-known figure who is adored on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. According to her LinkedIn profile, she is a medical specialist, CEO, and entrepreneur with a diversified background.

Dr. Awe is a major supporter of intuitive eating, which she actively promotes through online seminars to help people achieve holistic well-being without the use of restrictive diets. Her YouTube channel is a fantastic resource, including insightful knowledge garnered from her extensive medical experience.

Aside from her medical career, Dr. Mareike Awe has achieved significant success in business, with an impressive eight-figure revenue. Her achievements have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by her inclusion in Forbes’ coveted 30 Under 30 list. Dr. Awe, who is committed to health advocacy and economic success, continues to inspire and influence many people’s lives through her extensive and effective efforts.

Mareike Awe Age, Wiki & Bio

Mareike Awe was born on December 29, 1992. She is an influential figure who has made substantial contributions to medicine and business. At the age of 31, she is a vivacious powerhouse with a remarkable trajectory that has earned her recognition and acclaim. Dr. med.

Mareike Awe, who has a medical background, has established herself as both a medical specialist and an entrepreneur, obtaining the titles of CEO and founder. Mareike Awe’s professional initiatives have gained significant traction on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Her commitment to promoting intuitive eating as a path to personal well-being is evident in the online courses she conducts. Her YouTube channel also allows her to share valuable medical insights, solidifying her status as a renowned figure in health and wellness.

Aside from her professional accomplishments, Mareike Awe, 31, has achieved significant fiscal success, with an impressive eight-figure turnover. This success has not gone unnoticed; she has won a spot on the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 list. Mareike Awe’s career at 31 exemplifies her versatility, influence, and commitment to making a positive impact in both the medical and business worlds.

Author Mareike Awe Partner

Mareike Awe’s professional experience extends beyond her understanding of medicine and nutritional health, as she recounts a significant chapter in her life with her husband, Marc Reinbach. They co-founded “intuMIND GmbH” in August 2015 as a company dedicated to increasing people’s well-being.

Aside from their professional collaboration, Mareike and Marc freely allow their audience into their personal lives, discussing the nuances of their relationship. They provide important relationship tips and insights into their love lives in engaging Q&A sessions. Mareike and Marc have built a profitable business together.

Mareike did, however, collaborate on the online course “Intueat,” which teaches mindful eating concepts. This power duo is dedicated to both their professional and personal lives. Mareike even shared the exciting news of her approaching wedding with her co-founder via an emotional LinkedIn post.

Marion Awe and Marc Reinbach’s linked path reflects more than just their working relationship. In addition, they are committed to creating good connections and well-being in both their work and personal lives.

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