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Marie Ramirez De Arellano | Parents And Family Origin

Marie Ramirez De Arellano

Reality star Marie Ramirez de Arellano is well-known. Her performance in the TV show Cartel Crew has earned her praise.

Marie is 36 years old and represents the sign of Aquarius. Her father’s intriguing participation in the world of cartels provided an opening for her on the show.

Marie was contacted by fellow cast member Katherine Flores, popularly known as Tatu Baby, before her rise to popularity on Cartel Crew. Her introduction to the captivating realm of reality television was made possible by their relationship.

The program explores the lives of those associated with the cartel, providing viewers with an insight into the complexity of their past and present.

Arellano is known on social media as “lil-ms. Monroe” on Instagram, where her alluring image has amassed a sizable fan base that exceeds 225 thousand.

Marie Ramirez De Arellano’s parents are who?

The names of Marie Ramirez De Arellano’s parents are currently unknown. As seen in the reality show Cartel Crew, she has had a difficult connection with her parents.

In addition, the celebrity grew up in Miami, Florida, despite being born in Cuba. She and her family used to be quite close.

Marie acknowledged helping her parents with their courier business when she was in middle school in an interview in 2020. Still, her relationship with her family deteriorated significantly, especially as a result of her love relationship with Michael Blanco.

The reality star also revealed that her family broke up their relationship with her when she told her father about her relationship with Michael. About six years ago, there was a communication breakdown as a result of this decision, which was motivated by dissatisfaction with her relationship with Griselda Blanco’s son.

What Is the Family Origin of Marie Ramirez De Arellano?

Reality TV star Marie Ramirez is originally from Cuba. Her rise to prominence can be attributed to the television program Cartel Crew on VH1, which follows the lives of people with ties to drug cartels.

Marie was not directly involved in cartel activities, but she was aware of the dynamics from an early age, having been raised in a drug-trafficking household.

Marie’s journey on Cartel Crew explores the difficulties experienced by people whose family members are involved in the drug narrative of the cartel. Interestingly, she is known to be Michael Blanco’s wife.

Arellano maintains her distance from her family despite their history in the drug trade; no information about her father or other family members has been disclosed.

The TV personality also revealed that her father never publicly acknowledged his role in the cartel while putting on the show of being a normal businessman.

Arellano, Marie Ramirez, married?

Michael Blanco and Marie Ramirez De Arellano recently got married. Mr. Blanco is the offspring of Griselda Blanco, the notorious “Cocaine Godmother.”

Following the death of his relatives, Mr. Michael, Marie’s partner, left the cartel life to pursue his own business. Following her marriage to Michael, Marie began a new chapter in her life as the face of his “Pure Blanco” brand.

For now, the two are committed to raising his daughter. They have partnered with a licensed cannabis dispensary to grow their business.

The Cartel Crew season provides insight into Michael’s pursuits, which include expanding his cannabis enterprise and organizing a significant wedding.

But when Blanco brings up the subject of a prenuptial agreement with Marie, things get complicated. The reality TV star, who gave up her family ties for Blanco, was born into a world of cartels, so the two have obstacles to overcome.

Michael is unwavering in his concentration on his family, and business, and achieving a lawful and profitable future—even in the face of previous secrets.

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