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Marisa Utterback, 30, Arrested For Murdering Yashua Martinez- Is She In Jail?

Marisa Utterback

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Marisa Utterback was detained in 2022 on suspicion of killing Yashya Martinez. Here’s more information regarding the arrest and jail term.

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The incident happened in September of last year; on September 22, workers doing construction on Highway 275 came across the body of an unidentified guy.

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The man, whose body was found on the road for at least four days, was ultimately identified as La Vista resident Yashya Martinez.

Subsequently, police found that his death was caused by a hit-and-run by Marisa Utterback’s silver Jeep from Fremont.

A few days prior to the event, Utterback said she had struck a deer. Officers surmised that the ding on the car was not caused by a collision with a deer, though.

Authorities came to the conclusion that Marisa was operating the car that killed Yashya following a careful examination.

Following his arrest in March 2023, the 30-year-old was accused of homicide, reckless driving, and other offenses relating to accidents.

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Yashua Martinez was murdered, and Marisa Utterback was arrested

For killing Yashya Martinez in a hit-and-run, Marisa Utterback was taken into custody.

In September 2022, the Fremont woman was the one who killed the La Vista man in his car.

aged thirty Marisa is accused of Yashya’s death in September 2022, which happened at the age of 27.

The Dodge County Attorney’s Office states that Utterback is being charged with five felonies.

In addition to being accused of murder, she is also charged with careless driving, abandoning the scene of an accident, tampering with evidence, and other moving infractions.

On September 22, construction workers discovered an unidentified man dead close to Morningside Road on Highway 275.

After being notified, the Douglas County Crime Lab and the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office stopped Highway 275 for almost seven hours in order to conduct the investigation.

It was established that the man died as a result of a car accident. Two days later, the body was recognized as that of La Vista resident Yashya Martinez, 27.

Martinez’s body was probably on the road for at least four days, based on the warrant.

Large silver auto components and a silver paint chip on the victim’s shoe were found by lab technicians at the site.

A silver Jeep was discovered by detectives at a nearby body shop, according to the search warrant.

The Jeep’s owner, Marisa Utterback, stated that she took the SUV to the body shop after hitting a deer on September 19.

The detectives observed that the car parts discovered at the crime site were missing, and the damage was not compatible with a car-deer collision.

In an interview with detectives, Utterback’s neighbor said that on September 18, she had noticed the silver Jeep in her driveway.

Is Marisa Utterback a Prisoner Today?

Marisa Utterback was freed on bail soon after her arrest, thus she is not incarcerated.

The 30-year-old was given a $250,000 bond; she is now free from custody after paying 10% of the bond.

Because the Fremont woman made a fraudulent report that she had struck a deer, she is additionally accused of insurance fraud.

In order to determine its whereabouts at the time of the incident, investigators also took Utterback’s cell phone away.

At a later time, Marisa Utterback will stand trial for the murder of Yashya Martinez.

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