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Maximilian Osinski : Five Facts About The ‘Ted Lasso’ Actor Portraying Zava

Maximilian Osinski

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The Austrian actor Maximilian Osinski is mixing things up on the new season of ‘Ted Lasso.’ Here’s what you need to know about him.

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Ted Lasso had already formed a strong impression of Maximilian Osinski. The Austrian-born actor portrays Zava, a famous soccer player featured in the third season’s second episode.

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Being the new striker for AFC Richmond, Zava will hopefully help the squad defeat West Ham. Zava’s inflated ego may put him in conflict with his own teammates and coaches.

Maximilian has been acting for many years, but his role in Ted Lasso will be his breakthrough performance. Below is important information about Maximilian Osinski.

Maximilian portrays Zava in the film Ted Lasso

The character of Ted Lasso in Maximilian is based on the Swedish soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Maximilian prepared for his role in the Emmy-winning comedy by researching other soccer players.

“I’ve studied several books to help me comprehend what these athletes are like on the field and in the locker room at all times. Why are they like this? How are they viewed, and how do they allow the press to view them?

He stated this to The Hollywood Reporter. In addition, Maximilian expressed disbelief when he Qwas cast in the show. “When you watch a program for two years as a fan, you never expect to be in a scene with Jason Sudeikis,” he remarked.

His origin is in Austria

Maximilian was born in Eisenstadt, Burgenland, Austria, but moved to the United States as a child and grew up in Chicago. He ultimately relocated to New York City in order to pursue acting.

Osinski was a star on Agents of SHIELD

Prior to Ted Lasso, Maximilian’s most prominent role was on the Marvel series Agents of SHIELD. Agent Davis was a recurring character he played.

Maximilian has also starred in the television series Shameless, New Amsterdam, and MacGyver. He appeared in the 2020 film Greyhound alongside Tom Hanks.

Maximilian is wed to an actress

Since 2015, Maximilian has been married to the Australian actress Dichen Lachman. Dichen stars in the critically acclaimed Apple TV+ series Severance. Like her spouse, she had a recurring role on Agents of SHIELD.


Maximilian and Dichen are the parents of Mathilda, who was born in May 2015 and is now seven years old. Maximilian has posted adorable pictures of his family of three on Instagram, including those from their trip to Italy in the summer of 2022.

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