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MBC’s The Golden Spoon Issues An Apology In Response To Claims Of Favoritism


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The Golden Spoon, which is officially shown on MBC, has recently drawn criticism for what some viewers perceive to be favoritism toward a particular cast member.

The cast members of The Golden Spoon, which also included Yook Sung-Jae, Jung Chae-Yeon, Lee Jong-won, and Yeonwoo from the K-pop boy band BtoB, were rarely seen in the movie’s behind-the-scenes footage. But Son Woo-Hyun, the actor, was the center of attention in these movies, infuriating fans who charged MBC with favoritism.

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Fans have previously accused MBC of favoritism due to the broadcasting company’s predilection for Son Woo-hyun over the leading actors. MBC has already apologized and is pleading with the supporters for their forgiveness. They claimed that The Golden Spoon has the best cast and team, in addition to a wonderful environment that promotes supporting actors to important roles.

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Son Woo-treatment Hyun’s in The Golden Spoon has been acknowledged, and MBC apologizes to the viewers for it.
MBC issued an apology in which they expressed regret for upsetting viewers and lauded the cordial environment on The Golden Spoon’s set. Their formal regrets read as follows:

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Key actors Yook Sungjae, Jung Chaeyeon, and Yeonwoo all take the initiative and promote the project without hesitation like the idols that they are. They are now in charge and take care of Son Woo Hyun and Lee Jong Won, who are less at ease with making-of movies.

It’s a Golden Spoon

As the title suggests, MBC previously aired a making-of video directed towards Yook Sung-jae. The BtoB singer, however, made fewer film appearances than his co-star Son Woo-hyun.

Fans also pointed out that, in addition to the video segments, MBC posted a remarkable number of photographs of Son Woo-Hyun on the show’s community page. One fan brought up how there were nine to ten photos of Son Woo-hyun in one behind-the-scenes video but only a couple of Yook Sung-jae.

Based on the same-named webtoon, The Golden Spoon tells the tale of a student from a low-income family who, one day, finds a golden spoon that allows him to exchange his life for that of his wealthy best friend. After making the obvious option, he experiences life-altering events, but he only has three chances left before settling into his new life permanently.

The K-drama, which made its MBC debut on September 23, 2022, is almost finished. The ensemble has been hailed for their sincere commitment to their wacky characters in the program, which is currently streaming on Disney+ across all the worlds.

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