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Meet Angie Bautista, Dave Bautista’s Second Wife: Things You Didn’t Know

Angie Bautista

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Angie Bautista is a famous ex-wife who rose to stardom as Dave Bautista’s partner in the entertainment industry (including acting, wrestling, and mixed martial arts).

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When she married Bautista, she suddenly rose to fame, despite her original lack of knowledge. She also went through the most difficult time while married to the wrestler because she had ovarian cancer.

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Angie went through a difficult divorce with the WWE champion not long after she had recovered from the fatal illness. Where is she today after all these years have passed? Did she get remarried? How about her offspring?

We will go into great detail regarding her profession, marriage, and other topics in this post.

What’s Her Net Worth?

Without a doubt, Angiel, Dave Bautista’s ex-wife, is currently living a life of luxury. However, there is no reliable information available regarding her net worth as of 2022.

In contrast, her ex-husband Dave has a substantial amount of wealth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the retired wrestler is estimated to be worth $13 million as of 2022.

Early Life & Education in the Angie Bautista Wiki

In the United States, Angie Bautista was born Angiel Lewis. She has chosen to keep her family and parents’ identities confidential, nevertheless.

Speaking about her education, she attended local schools before attending Rice University to receive her B.A. in Political Science and Policy Studies. In addition, if sources are to be believed, she was a Harvard University Department of Government Ph.D. candidate.

Angie Bautista is Dave Bautista’s second wife.

Angie gained notoriety after her marriage to Dave, as was already established. Immediately following his divorce from his first wife Glenda Bautista, they got married on November 16, 1998.

Unfortunately, the couple’s relationship didn’t work out as planned, and in 2006 they filed for divorce. Before deciding to eventually obtain a divorce, they were married for more than 8 years.

In-vitro fertilization resulted in the birth of Angie Bautista’s son

Additionally, Angie is a mother to a son. Oliver was born to her and Bautista after their eighth year of marriage. However, Oliver was conceived through in vitro fertilization after her divorce and during a time when she was battling cancer.

Angie refers to her child as a “miracle child” and credits him for inspiring her to survive her entire struggle with cancer.

Ovarian Cancer Was Discovered in Her

Angie Bautista through a difficult time in her life for a very long time. She received the devastating news that she had ovarian cancer back on September 9, 2002.

Angie Bautista is fully recovered and enjoying life, but she has strong opinions regarding the illness. She was training for a bodybuilding competition and in excellent health when the diagnosis was made.

Additionally, her ex-husband Dave produced a video called “Bautista vs. Cancer” and dedicated it to Angie. Dave worked with “Bautista vs. Cancer” on the video project that was made over two years. The Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance received a donation for every dollar made (OCRA).

The ex-husband of Angie Bautista has three marriages

Angie is one of Dave’s several wives. He has three marriages under his belt. Dave was previously wed to Glenda Bautista before getting hitched to Angie.

They were wed in 1990, and eight years later, in 1998, they filed for divorce. Two children, Keilani Bautista and Athena Bautista were born to him and his first wife.

After their breakup, Dave married Sarah Jade, his third wife. Despite getting married in 2015, they parted in 2019. The divorce is still pending completion.

After her divorce, is Angie dating a man?

Angie has avoided the media totally since her divorce from Dave. There are no rumors regarding her dating life or prior connections.

We can only wait for her to come out and expose her current personal connection because she has chosen to keep quiet about her love life.

We can only hope that she is currently enjoying a wonderful romantic life.

Instagram and other social media are not used by Angie Bautista

Angie, Dave’s second wife, is uncommon in that she does not use any social media sites. She has also shied away from speaking to the media since after she and her ex-spouse split up.

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