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Meet Dricus Du Plessis Wife, Vasti Spiller | Relationship And Wiki Explore

Dricus Du Plessis

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Dricus du Plessis does not have a wife, but he has a girlfriend named Vasti Spiller. Unlike his girlfriend, the South African boxer has kept his dating life private on Instagram.

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Spiller has revealed intimate information about her romantic relationship with du Plessis on Instagram. She has been posting photographs of them since July 2023. The two South Africans probably met because they both enjoy boxing, as Vasti is a boxing coach at CIT Boxing, where Dricus trains.

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Du Plessis (20-2) is preparing to battle UFC Middleweight Champion Sean Strickland in the main event of UFC 297. In September, Strickland astonished everyone by defeating Israel Adesanya in the last game.

Dricus Du Plessis Wife or Girlfriend: Is He Married?

Vasti Spiller is Dricus Du Plessis’ girlfriend, not his wife. Spiller began tweeting romantic photographs of herself and Dricus in July 2023. Vasti and Dricus could have begun dating before July. Spiller confirmed her relationship with the boxer in a romantic video montage posted to her Instagram account.

The film featured footage of her and Dricus traveling, training, and visiting various events. In August, Vasti shared a photo of herself and Dricus in their native country with the caption, “My ride or die.” Dricus appears to be acquainted with Vasti’s family, having previously photographed them several times.

In October, Vasti shared a photo of the boxer kissing her deeply. She captioned the image in Afrikaans, which means “And the angels laugh.” The couple spent Christmas together in South Africa, and Vasti posted a photo of them being intimate, writing, “Didn’t have a wishlist this year because my biggest wish came true.”

The South African boxer has yet to upload any images of Vasti on his Instagram account. On Dricus’ 30th birthday, Vasti posted a sweet video of them together, saying it was her greatest honor to adore his heart.

Who Is Dricus Du Plessis’ Girlfriend? Meet Vasti Spiller

Dricus du Plessis’ girlfriend, Vasti Spiller, is a multi-hyphenated woman. Vasti, a 2020 strategic community graduate from North-West University, formerly served as Eternapure’s social media manager. Ester Spiller’s daughter, Vashti, and her sister, Hannah Spiller, have pursued their passion for photography.

Dricus du Plessis’ girlfriend operates Baruch Photography. She specializes in couples and weddings, and her younger sister, Hannah, has followed in her footsteps by starting Riverie Photography. Vasti also collaborates closely with the B Loved Foundation and serves as its ambassador.

In 2022, Vasti and the B Loved Foundation will hold an event to raise awareness against human trafficking. The South African couple enjoys boxing, and Vasti works as an instructor at CIT Boxing. The two most likely met at CIT Boxing, where du Plessis has been training for a long time.

Vasti published her first book, “The Art of Loving,” last year after years of writing it. The novel follows the story of a young girl who discovers beauty in broken objects. She has 24.8k Instagram followers, and considering the success of her debut novel, we may see a sequel soon.

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