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Meet Gabriela Fundora, Sebastian Fundora Sister | Boxer Family And Ethnicity Details

Gabriela Fundora

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Gabriela Fundora, the sister of Sebastian Fundora, continues in his footsteps and could one day form a boxing sibling combo. With their extraordinary talent and numerous accomplishments, the brother-sister duo is creating waves.

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Considering the two’s athletic backgrounds, this is not surprising. The exceptional skills he possesses on the court have garnered significant attention for American professional boxer Sebastian Fundora. In September 2016, after defeating Jose Cardenas via first-round knockout, the boxer made his professional debut.

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Over the next three years, he won 12 matches. In addition, the professional was the April 2022–April 2023 WBC interim light middleweight champion. Regretfully, he fell short of winning the title against Brian Mendoza in his second WBC interim defense. The -year-old champion has also engaged in 22 fights, compiling a stellar 20-2 record. Based on his performance, The Ring Magazine ranks him as the third-best light middleweight fighter in the sport right now.

Sebastian Fundora’s Sister Gabriella Fundora

Born on March 29, 2003, Gabriela Fundora is a professional boxer from the United States who competes in the flyweight division. When she and her brothers were six years old, they started boxing and trained under their father. Gabriela has gone on to become one of the most accomplished fighters in the history of women’s boxing.

She won numerous regional and national titles during her amateur career, including the USA National Junior Championship in 2017. She is currently the IBF interim flyweight champion, the WBC Latin American and Youth Championship, and she stands five feet nine inches tall.

Furthermore, Ring Magazine has dubbed her the finest contemporary flyweight fighter. Given her success, Gabriela credits her brother as her greatest source of motivation and support. Her brother is very pleased with his younger sister’s accomplishments.

“My brother is someone I look up to, not just in boxing but in life as well. So, staying with him keeps our family together and keeps me humble,” she once said.

All About the Boxer Family Life

The Fundora family has a long history of involvement in boxing. Every family member proudly wore the gloves, carrying on the family’s history. Both of his parents were renowned boxers. They were the ones that nourished and kindled their children’s early interest in boxing.

The boxer has a mixed ethnic background, with a Cuban father and a Mexican mother. Sebastian’s father, Freddy Sr, gets the greatest credit for his son’s accomplishment, having mentored and trained him. When Sebastian was nine, his family relocated from Florida to Coachella, California, in pursuit of better possibilities.

His father eventually established a family boxing facility in Coachella, where he coached other fighters, including his children. Sebastian’s mother, Monique, has also been a constant source of encouragement and counsel for the children. Sebastian’s parents have five additional children.

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