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Meet Miguel Trinidad Wife Liz Saracen | Kids And Family

Miguel Trinidad

Miguel Trinidad is a well-known executive chef and joint proprietor of the eateries Jeepney and Maharlika. He enjoys giving Filipino food a fresh viewpoint. Since 2007, he has gained respect from the Filipino community for his travels, exploration, and commitment to Filipino food. Miguel Trinidad also co-wrote the book I Am a Filipino: And This Is How We Cook with Nicole Ponseca, a restaurant.

Miguel Trinidad’s Wife Is Liz Saraceno

Renowned chef Miguel Trinidad is blissfully wed to Liz Saraceno. Even though their first meeting and marriage date are still a mystery, their intimate relationship and inseparability make them the perfect pair. Liz may have fallen in love with Miguel because of his superb cooking abilities; she has grown to love his delicious cuisine.

They have a ton of adorable photos of one other on Instagram, which shows how much they care and how much they love each other. Liz and Miguel most likely began dating in 2019 because that’s when Liz first shared a picture of them. Miguel is incredibly appreciative that Liz is in his life. Their close bond and mutual delight are evident in their relationship.

Miguel treasures every second he spends with Liz as they go through life together, understanding that she is a crucial component of his path. The pictures Miguel posts of Liz show love and appreciation, which highlights how strong their bond is. Their support for one another is evident, and their love story is still developing.

Miguel Trinidad, Blessed As A Father

Miguel Trinidad, the renowned chef, and his spouse, Liz Saraceno, have been blessed with the amazing blessing of becoming parents. In October 2020, their lovely daughter Nayeli was born, bringing them boundless happiness and affection. Miguel and Liz are devoted parents who love their daughter beyond words. Their family is incredibly happy when Nayeli is around, and she is the brightest star in their lives.

On their Instagram profiles, Miguel and Liz excitedly post glimpses of their beloved baby, Nayeli, documenting her growth milestones and charming moments. The parents’ intense love and bond with their tiny bundle of joy is evident in these priceless pictures and videos. Miguel is a loving father who cherishes every moment he spends with his kid and wife. He makes sure he doesn’t lose any priceless moments with Nayeli by cherishing every adorable moment.

Miguel is full of energy and tenderness when it comes to being a caring parent, from delicate cuddles to playful chuckles. Miguel will always treasure the time they spent together, guaranteeing their family a lifetime of love and priceless memories.

Miguel Trinidad Parents

Co-owner of the eateries Maharlika and Jeepney, Miguel Trinidad, is well-known for occasionally posting pictures of his wife and daughter on social media, which provide intimate peeks into his personal life. Miguel, on the other hand, has a more private life with his parents. His parents are rarely seen with him in public, which has led to conjecture over the reasons for this. Miguel may just be a reserved person when it comes to his family. Miguel can be among the people who would rather keep their romantic connections private.

He might prioritize spending time with his close relatives and keep his parents’ involvement more under wraps. Miguel Trinidad was reared in New York and has Dominican ancestry, despite the lack of detailed information regarding his parents. This implies that his parents might be originally from the Dominican Republic.

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