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Mika Salamanca

Mika Salamanca, a Filipino social media influencer and YouTube vlogger, is well-known for her song covers. Additionally, she uploads videos of herself dancing and exemplifying her way of life.

Salamanca launched her YouTube page in May 2014, but she didn’t start publishing videos until 2017. She rose to fame there for her lifestyle and fashion vlogs as well as those that showcased her personal life.

After being jailed by Honolulu Police last year for breaking Hawaii’s quarantine regulations, she attracted notice online.

Why Is Mika Salamanca Trending After Her H2WO Scandal?

The scandal by Mika Salamanca has recently gone widespread on porn sites. On porn websites, people look up her Scandal and see videos of her having sex.

The videos, however, have nothing to do with H2WO. H2WO, John Paul Salonga, is one of the best athletes in the Nexplay Esports Ecosystem.

Regarding the Scandal, there is no more information. Since the viral films may have been manipulated, they could not even be real.

Timeline of Mika Salamanca’s relationships with H2WO

In 2021, popular internet celebrity Mika Salamanca officially announced her relationship with Mobile Legends (ML) pro player John Paul Salonga, popularly known as H2WO, on social media.

They were spotted hanging together in every one of their vlogs. Months of speculation that they were a couple came to an end when they made their relationship public on social media.

Before making their relationship public, Mika posted some of their “kilig” moments on YouTube. The couple’s supporters and fans reacted to the announcement of their relationship.

In the comment area, H2WO exclaimed, “I LOVE YOU” to the internet people.

Mika Salamanca was arrested, but why?

YouTuber Mika Salamanca was detained by Hawaii Police in 2020 for breaking quarantine regulations.

Authorities in Honolulu arrested Salamanca on Friday, July 24, for failing to comply with the state of Hawaii’s mandate that all international visitors and returning residents be subject to a 14-day self-quarantine.

According to a KITV4 ABC Island News story, Mika traveled from Manila to Hawaii and landed on July 6. Four days later, on July 10, the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) learned via witness-supplied recordings that she had been seen dining out in public with friends and dancing. She was there, the owner of the place said as well.

Before that, on July 23, the social media influencer published an apology video in which she admitted that she made a mistake by departing from Hawaii as soon as she got there.

Mika Salamanca’s family helped her out financially

A resident of Waipahu on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu, Mika is also from Alabama. For her release, her family members posted a $2,000 bond.

In her defense, Mika said that the police had come to her house and reassured her that she was safe if the results of her swab test were negative, which they were. Then she was free to go.

However, it was made plain by the Special Agents from the Department of the Attorney General’s Investigations Division that they never advise anybody with a negative COVID-19 test to breach self-quarantine.

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