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Millicent Omanga Kids: Meet Her Son Wayne And Daughter Maya

Millicent Omanga

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Millicent Omanga is not just a well-known politician but also a devoted mother of two children. Let’s find out more about Millicent Omanga Kids in this article.

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Kenyan politician and entrepreneur Millicent Omanga is renowned for her political engagement. She formerly held the position of Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) at the Ministry of Internal Security.

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On March 16, 2023, President William Ruto nominated 50 people, including Millicent, also known as Mama Miradi, for the prominent government job.

After failing to win a seat as the Nairobi woman representative in the elections held in August 2022, Omanga was nominated. Additionally, she has a big social media following.

Every day, Millicent posts updates to her social media accounts regarding her activities. She originally attracted public notice after being named director of KenGen in 2013.

She participates in charitable work and has worked on several projects that try to better the lives of others in her neighborhood.

In addition to being a well-known political person, Millicent is a loving mother to her two children. Let’s find out more about her daughter Maya and son Wayne right now.

Meet the Children of Millicent Omanga: Wayne And Maya

Millicent Omanga, a senatorial candidate from Nairobi, is the proud mother of two sweet angels who resemble her. She is the adoring mother of Wayne, a boy, and Maya, a daughter.

In addition, Omanga cherishes parenting and understands the significance of raising and caring for her two children.

It is normal for women in politics to juggle their professional lives with their responsibilities as moms, and many of them are successful at doing so. Similarly to this, Omanga places a high value on family time and adjusts his schedule to accommodate them.

Furthermore, because her children are still very young, it is too early to talk about their future vocations. To make their mother pleased, Wayne and Maya work hard in the classroom.

The politician also often posts photos of her children, and they are all so cute together. Omanga seems to be close with Maya and Wayne based on all the postings about them.

In addition, Millicent, who is happily married to Francis Nyambiobo, says that being a mother is the finest job she has ever had. She thinks having children is a fantastic experience.

“Mothering my two beautiful children is the best job I could ever hope for,” she said. It is an amazing feeling of unadulterated affection. Being a mother is very amazing.

It will be interesting to watch whether Millicent Omanga’s descendants carry on her legacy.

Who Is the Husband of Millicent Omanga?

As was previously indicated, Millicent Omanga and her husband, Dr. Francis Nyambiobo, are a happy couple. They have been together for a number of years, and she often mentions how her spouse is the foundation of her political power and how appreciative she is to have him.

The politician also gives her spouse credit for a successful professional path. At the University of Nairobi, where she was studying journalism, is when Mr. Francis first met his wife Millicent.

Additionally, her spouse is a specialized physician who studies HIV and AIDS.

The husband-and-wife team has been wed for more than ten years, and it seems that the basis of their union is unwavering love, support, and commitment.

Additionally, they support each other without any selfish desires and are devoted parents to two children.

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