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Millicent Omanga Leaked Video Viral: Why She Is Trending on Internet?

Millicent Omanga

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A purportedly leaked video showing Millicent Omanga laying on the bed is now spreading online. This is what we do know.

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Mama Miradi is the stage name of Kenyan politician and entrepreneur Millicent Omanga. On March 16, 2023, President William Ruto announced his selection of 50 candidates for the top government job. She was one of them.

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Omanga was unsuccessful in her bid to be elected as the Nairobi woman representative in the August 2022 elections. She also has a sizable following on social media.

Omanga updates her social media sites with information about her daily activities. After being named director at KenGen in 2013, she initially gained public attention.

Omanga’s name is now buzzing online for yet another reason, according to claims that a private film was posted online.

Leaked Millicent Omanga Video Goes Viral

As a result of a private video being released on several social media sites including Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit, Millicent Omanga is now trending online.

Omanga may be seen dozing off on her bed in the footage. The video clip was first uploaded on Telegram, but it gradually gained popularity on other platforms as well.

Although the woman in the video seemed to be Omanga, several trustworthy sources have said that the video is phony and was only made to malign Omanga’s reputation.

Numerous news websites have already published numerous stories on this subject, and some of them have even uploaded false films that were posted in an effort to increase their number of likes and views.

Why Is Millicent Omanga So Popular Online?

As was previously mentioned, a private video of Millicent Omanga has been going around like wildfire for quite some time. Due to the clip’s widespread distribution on social media, Omanga is now trending online.

Some of her fans were perplexed and unaware of the circumstances after seeing the popular video. They have therefore asked several inquiries.

As was already stated, a video of Omanga sleeping half-naked on a bed was posted on social media. After the breach, it spread like wildfire through all social media channels.

Many of her supporters have come out to defend her, claiming that the video is phony and that her detractors disseminated it. Additionally, it has been said that Omanga’s reputation was attacked.

Millicent Omanga Addersed Rumors After the Video Was Leaked

Many of her supporters and well-wishers were eagerly awaiting Millicent Omanga’s comment in the wake of the video release. She hasn’t yet issued a formal comment on this matter, but her focus has already been diverted.

Omanga shared a tweet from which she had taken a phrase on her social media platforms. The corresponding comment made it seem as if it was intended for the people who released her private footage.

Someone commented on her Instagram photo with the following question: “Sonko claims he was the one who gave you the orders to sleep and you would recover,, was shooting the video part of instructions??? idk.”

Have a wonderful day, too, Mhesh,” another IG user said. You just fulfilled a promise we as Kenya Kwanza made to the nation that we would go above and above to bring Kenyans together. I’m happy for you, boss.

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