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Miss America Madison Marsh Parents | Father Mike And Mother Whitney Marsh

Madison Marsh

See the page for additional information about Madison Marsh’s parents, who have been instrumental in her success by offering resolute support and serving as the cornerstone of her aspirations. Most likely born around 2001 or 2002, Marsh first gained notoriety in 2023 when she emerged victorious in a pageant held for female cadets, taking home the title of Miss Academy 2023.

It allowed Marsh to enter and, on her third try, win the state-level Miss Colorado pageant. Marsh’s perseverance paid off, as she eventually added a novel twist to Colorado’s Miss America representation by bringing her military experience to the pageant. In the end, the Air Force cadet and officer won the pageantry, becoming Colorado’s fourth Miss America and the first to serve in the military. Marsh’s historic accomplishment demonstrated how contemporary military duty interacts with classic American emblems and broke down barriers on the renowned Miss America stage.

Madison Marsh, Miss America, and her parents

Madison Marsh attributes her achievement as the first female Miss America to her parents Mike and Whitney Marsh’s nurturing upbringing. From an early age, Madison’s father, Mike, a businessman and veteran of the United States Army, enthusiastically supported her interests, which included her preoccupation with aviation. He encouraged his little daughter to pursue a career in flying by taking her to airshows.

Madison’s mother Whitney, a loving housewife, supported her daughter’s aspirations to become a pilot by allowing her to attend space camp and interact with celebrities. Sadly, Whitney passed away in 2019 at the age of 17 from pancreatic cancer.

Madison established the Whitney Marsh Foundation, which raises money for cancer research, in remembrance of her. Whitney set her daughter on a path to defy expectations in military aviation and win Miss America, even though her mother did not survive to see it. Madison Marsh overcame hardship thanks to her parents’ unwavering love, elevating her family’s legacy to unprecedented heights of inspiration.

Madison Marsh Brothers and Sisters

Madison’s sister Heidi Marsh has encouraged her career behind the scenes, even though she is currently in the public eye as the ground-breaking 2024 Miss America. Despite their different passions—Heidi pursuing her artistic soul and Madison breaking barriers in the air as an Air Force pilot—the sisters’ connection kept one other grounded. In 2014, Heidi and Madison’s grief over their mother Whitney’s death from pancreatic cancer nearly overcame them, but their strongest bond came from their shared tragedy.

The sisters co-founded Whitney’s Race, an annual event that raises money and awareness to fight pancreatic cancer, to transform their sorrow into positive community action. Heidi assisted Madison in honoring their late mother’s legacy with heartfelt memories and uplifting optimism. Madison’s frequent traveling companion, Heidi, was seated in the crowd applauding Madison’s accomplishment as Miss America.

Madison Marsh Associate

Madison Marsh and Walker Morris, her boyfriend, bonded particularly well because of their common goals and experiences as Air Force cadets. Walker went to college with Madison, the aspiring aviator, and is now a pilot trainee in the U.S. Air Force. Their shared appreciation of military life and commitment to service fostered a deep bond.

She is still Madison’s biggest fan even after they dated for more than two years while enduring the demands of training and having competing aspirations to fly. Walker supported Madison at every turn as she participated in pageants such as Miss Academy, Miss Colorado, and finally Miss America. Walker is still pursuing his pilot certification in the meanwhile, and their goals are still connected in the air.

Madison Marsh and Walker Morris have created a strong bond based on their shared patriotism, aspirations, sacrifices, and dedication. Together, they push each other to reach new heights in their relationships. And they enjoy the climb together, duty or front and center.

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