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Monica Ferrarotti’s Son Has Been Interested In Football

Monica Ferrarotti’s

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Monica Ferrarotti is the mother of Rodrigo De Paul. He goes by Rodrigo Javier De Paul. Monica Ferrarotti’s is a professional footballer who represents both Argentina’s national team and the Atletico Madrid club as a midfielder. He was an Argentinean, hailing from Sarandi.

Gross Value

We will rely on Monica’s son Rodrigo’s net worth, which is expected to exceed $10 million in December 2022 because her salary has not yet been made public. In the world of football, he is recognized as a very capable and well-liked player.

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Has Monica already filed for a divorce?

Roberto De Paul, the man Monica wed, is now her husband. Sadly, the pair did not remain together forever. While Monica’s ex-husband got remarried, she didn’t. She was a single mother who had to take care of all of her kids. She put in a lot of effort to support her family.

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Monica Ferrarotti’s is a strong, independent woman with a solid background in finance, to be sure. Since she made her own money, she and the rest of the family were able to live comfortably like other families. Despite being in extreme poverty in Argentina, they can survive because of their camaraderie and solidarity.

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Camila and Rodrigo Homs are recently weds. When they were teenagers, the two people met. The woman took Rodrigo with her when the opportunity arose. Before heading to Italy, the pair initially visited Valencia. They stayed for five years, and after dating for a while, they got legally married. Then he relocated from Italy to Spain.

The woman then expressed her sincere gratitude to Udine for opening doors and connecting her with wonderful people who would be by her side always. She added that her family now consists of five people in total—two children, a dog, and herself.

Rodrigo’s partner’s remark hinted at it, albeit none of them explicitly mentioned it. The comments that read, “You let me go so easily that you questioned what you told me,” were her favorite ones on social media. Their relationship started to have issues when Rodrigo unexpectedly got engaged in the Wandagate.

The sportsman may have had a relationship with China Suarez, according to sources. Additionally, he was linked to Tini Stoessel. When singer Tini traveled to Madrid, people began to believe she might run into Rodrigo. Then, Rodrigo’s wife stopped exchanging pictures with her husband and stopped following Tini on social media.

He had spent his youth playing street football, just like many other people. Since he was three years old, he had a keen interest in football. His first team decided to use him as the goalie as a result. He shifted to the front because he didn’t feel at ease there.

His performance as a forward increased and he gained recognition, which changes the entire story. When Rodrigo was a child, he was trained by a Racing Club instructor who also remembered witnessing Rodrigo play on the youth football team when he was nine years old.

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