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Mr Beast Mugshot: Why Was He Arrested? Prank Video Explained

Mr Beast

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The mugshot of Mr. Beast gained popularity as a search phrase after word of his arrest spread. However, the arrest was just a part of a joke. For more details on the joke, see the article.

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Mr. Beast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, is well-known in the philanthropic and YouTube communities.

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With over 154 million members as of May 2023, Beast is among the most popular channels on the platform. An incredible achievement for a single artist, his primary YouTube channel now has the fourth-highest subscriber base overall.

His work, which often included grandiose challenges and excessive gestures of kindness, immediately went viral, propelling him to prominence. Counting to 100,000 was one of his first well-known films, which took him more than 40 hours to finish.

He is highly renowned for his charity endeavors and often contributes large money to worthy charities.

He has started a burger shop named “MrBeast Burger,” which delivers a selection of items. Numerous outlets have opened around the United States, indicating the success of the endeavor.

Why Was Mr. Beast Mugshot Arrested?

His supporters are distraught about the news of Mr. Beast’s imprisonment. Famous YouTuber Airrack set up a large-scale practical joke on the celebrity.

When Mr. Beast and a buddy were pulled over by Greenville, North Carolina, police while driving a Tesla, the complex hoax came to life.

Unbelievably, Jimmy was handcuffed and forced into a police vehicle against his will. His car’s tinted windows were first cited as the cause of this unexpected encounter.

Mr. Beast first acted as if this was a funny joke and seemed to find it funny. However, once an officer questioned whether there were any possible threats while placing him in the backseat, his attitude shifted.

He became quiet and would not participate in dialogue. In addition, he was brought to a waiting area and given no food or drink while having his picture taken.

Airrack was the brains behind this arrest and afterward made a video to explain why they were doing the hoax. Jimmy was being used as a target for retribution by Airrack’s brother.

Explained: The Mr. Beast Prank Video

Jimmy Donaldson, a well-known YouTuber, was the target of a sophisticated revenge scheme by Airrack, another YouTuber.

With more than 13 million subscribers on YouTube, Airrack devised a convoluted scheme to get revenge on him for a practical prank he played on him more than a year before.

Airrack posted a video titled “I ACTUALLY Got MrBeast Arrested” on his YouTube account.

The thumbnail, which showed MrBeast handcuffed, went viral among their enormous combined subscriber following.

Airrack said in the video that he had coordinated with the New York Police Department to stage the arrest.

At first, the meeting between Mr. Beast and Elon Musk was supposed to happen at Twitter’s headquarters in New York.

However, Musk’s abrupt cancellation negated Airrack’s initial goals. Relentlessly, he altered the aircraft’s trajectory to reach Mr. Beast’s hometown situated in North Carolina.

In a dramatic scenario captured on camera, police stopped Jimmy’s Tesla and said that the tinted windows were the cause of the stop.

Mr. Beast was then startled by the police’ announcement that he had an arrest warrant out for him due to “communicating threats.” After that, he was put in a holding cell while wearing handcuffs.

When Mr. Beast was kept without food or drink in the holding cell, the hoax became more serious and confused. After a while, he finally received his one phone call. Airrack was on the other end, ready to inform him about the complex prank he was planning, which startled him.

The YouTuber was tricked by someone purporting to be one of Airrack’s producers, and Airrack told him that this was punishment for that occurrence.

He threw down the gauntlet to Donaldson, starting a “war” between the two authors. He said that he would be prepared to spend millions of dollars getting even.

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