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Nahla Ariela Aubry | About Actress Halle Berry’s Daughter

Nahla Ariela Aubry

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Nahla Ariela Aubry is the daughter of Halle Berry, an actress and former model. Her mother was the highest-paid actress in Hollywood in the 2000s. Halle originally gained attention for her appearance in the romantic comedy picture Boomerang, in which she co-starred with Eddie Murphy.

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Furthermore, did you know that Halle Berry has lost nearly 80% of her hearing in her left ear? It was caused by a blow to the head sustained during a domestic violence episode in one of her previous abusive relationships. Was he Nahla’s father?

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This article will reveal all of the hidden and fascinating facts about Nahla’s family life, as well as parts of her personal life, such as her age, father, birthday, and many more. Let’s get started.

In 2023, Nahla Ariela Aubry is a teen: Details About Her Age and Parents

Nahla, Halle’s daughter, was born on March 16, 2008, in Los Angeles, California. Gabriel Aubry, a Canadian model, is Nahla’s father. The star child is 15 years old in 2023. Her father’s side of the family is French-Canadian. Similarly, she is of African-American, English, German, Irish, and Dutch origin from her mother’s side.

Nahla is also the maternal granddaughter of Judith Ann Hawkins and Jerome Jesse Berry. Her paternal grandfather, on the other hand, is Gerard Aubry. Unfortunately, the identity of Nahla’s maternal grandmother is unknown.

Nahla’s parents have tried to keep their daughter’s life out of the spotlight as much as possible.

Nahla has only one half brother.

Maceo Robert Martinez is Nahla Ariela Aubry’s younger half-brother. On October 5, 2013, he was born to actress Halle and her third husband, Olivier Martinez. According to accounts, the siblings have yet to meet physically.

The media outlet made conclusions because the Monster’s Ball actress hasn’t posted any images of her children. Halle has stated that she wants her children to live a free life without being concerned about the media. That could be why we haven’t seen Nahla and her brother together.

Halle told Today in 2019:

“I’ve fought really hard to protect their privacy, and I just want them to have their life and have it be theirs,” she says.

Similarly, Nahla and her brother have only been featured a few times on her mother’s social media account since the actress does not want to plaster them all over the internet. Berry once said to People,

“That doesn’t feel right to me.” They’ll get there eventually. That will be their life when they grow up, and they will decide when it begins.”

Nahla’s Name Meaning

A day after Nahla was born, her paternal aunt Eugenie told People that their family hadn’t seen a newborn baby in a long time. It was a joyous occasion for them when she was born. Nahla’s first name means beehive in Arabic, she explained.

Besides, Berry told Access Hollywood that they hadn’t decided on a name for Nahla until they were about to leave the hospital.

Was Halle Berry’s Father Married to Nahla Ariela Aubry?

Gabriel Aubry, Nahla’s father, is a model by trade. Aside from his job, he was best known for his brief connection with Halle. The ex-couple first met at a Versace photo shoot. They began dating in November 2005, after knowing each other for some time.

They welcomed Nahla in 2008. They chose to split up after being in a relationship for five years. They didn’t make their divorce public for several months. Then, on April 30, 2010, Nahla’s parents announced the termination of their relationship.

Furthermore, many people still believe the once-married couple was in a marital relationship. Unfortunately, this is incorrect information, as they had only been dating for a half-decade.

Why Did They Split?

The actress said that her ex-boyfriend was racist and emotionally abusive, as well as making shocking claims regarding their sexual relationship. She said Nahla’s father used racial slurs during their relationship and even refused to acknowledge their mixed kid.

As Halle once stated,

“[Gabriel] refused to acknowledge or accept responsibility for these problems.” Instead, he was dismissive of my body in ways that are humiliating to women. I eventually persuaded [him] to see a joint therapist to address these difficulties.”

Halle claims that during their connection, Gabriel acknowledged to having a sexual contact with a member of his family. Berry claimed that the incident wrecked their sex life together.

Only the actress supplied the aforementioned reason. Her ex-boyfriend, on the other hand, has not revealed the reason for their breakup.

Nahla’s mother has been married three times: what about her father?

Long before Nahla’s parents married, her mother Halle married baseball player David Justice. On January 1, 1993, shortly after midnight, they married. Unfortunately, their marriage did not last long, and they divorced on June 20, 1997.

The actress married her second spouse, Eric Benét, on January 24, 2001. On January 3, 2005, they completed their divorce after four years of marriage. Halle and Gabriel were in a relationship at the time. On July 13, 2013, Nahla’s mother married her third husband, Olivier Martinez, following their divorce.

Nahla’s father, on the other hand, does not appear to be in a relationship following his highly documented love life. As a result, Gabriel’s relationship status remains single as of 2023.

Who Is Nahla Ariela Aubry Living With During Her Custody Battle?

A year after Halle and her ex-partner Gabriel divorced, they had a protracted custody fight regarding Nahla. Initially, the ex-lovers agreed to co-parent their daughter. However, in 2011, the actress decided to move her kid to France, the home of Halle’s ex-husband Olivier.

Nahla’s father inquired and was not observed complying with Halle’s wish anytime soon. Gabriel also opposed, claiming that it would interfere with their agreed-upon joint custody. Even the judge rejected Halle’s proposal in November 2012.

Allegations: Halle Accused Her Ex-Partner of Physical Abuse

The likelihood of Halle taking her daughter to France was low. Martine, the model Gabriel and Halle’s third husband, was found injured in a hospital on November 22, 2012. They were both involved in a physical argument at the actress’ house, according to the media.

Aubry was later arrested. In reality, Nahla’s father was told not to approach Berry, her third husband, and the kid they shared. Surprisingly, the Canadian-born model won a restraining order against Martinez on November 29, 2012, claiming that the incident began when Berry’s ex-husband threatened to murder him if the couple did not relocate to France.

Gabriel even reveals images of Aubry with major facial damage. It is also highly publicized in the media. Berry was sentenced by a Superior Court in June 2014 to pay Aubry $16,000 per month in child support and $300,000 in attorney fees.

In 2023, where is Nahla Ariela Aubry?

Nahla is now under the care of her mother Halle and father Gabriel. We discovered that the former couple routinely shares images of their daughter on their social media profiles after reading through their Instagram accounts.

Halle posted a photo of Nahla on March 16, 2022. It was to commemorate the star kid’s 14th birthday. The actress referred to her daughter as a ‘Earth Angel.’ She wrote in the caption,

“I was privileged 14 years ago to give birth to a ‘Earth Angel,’ Nahla Ariela. I am both humbled and pleased by your attendance! Nahla, happy birthday! ❤️.”

Gabriel also posted a snapshot of himself kissing his daughter’s head on Instagram the same day. As a result, following a protracted custody fight, Nahla’s parents are on excellent terms and co-parenting their daughter peacefully.

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