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Naim Süleymanoğlu

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Naim Süleymanolu represented Turkey in weightlifting at the Olympics. He held numerous world records, was a three-time Olympic gold medallist, and was a seven-time World Weightlifting Champion.

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Even still, most people agree that he is the best Olympic weightlifter of all time, pound for pound. In addition, he is thought to be among the all-time best Olympic weightlifters.

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Where was Naim Süleymanoğlu born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Born into an ethnic Turkish family (Bulgarian: аим леманoв, romanized: Naim Syulemanov), Süleymanolu grew up in Ptichar, Kardzhali Province, Bulgaria.
The weightlifter’s mother was four feet seven inches tall, while his father, a mineworker, was only five feet tall.

Naim was a multiple-competition winner during his adolescence. He was the clear favorite to win gold in the Summer Olympics in 1984. Moreover, Bulgaria has not ratified the embargo imposed by the Eastern Bloc.

In the 1980s, the Bulgarian government launched a program known as the Revival Process. Consequently, Slavic names were enforced upon ethnic minorities, and their languages were outlawed.

This led to Süleymanolu’s forced renaming in 1985 as Naum Shalamanov (Bulgarian: аум аламанoв). He chose to depart Bulgaria following these occurrences, and during that time he kept an encrypted line of communication open with the Turkish Squad.

What is the Net Worth of Naim Süleymanoğlu? Salary, Earnings

Suleymanoglu was renowned for both his theatrical prowess and his calculating tactics in competitive settings.

Since the start of his career, Naim Süleymanoğlu’s net worth has ranged between $1 million to $5 million in 2024. He is among the wealthiest athletes as a result. His estimated net worth is therefore higher than $5 million.

As a result, he receives an annual salary of more than $1 million. Apart from that, the athlete made a good living from his sponsorship deals.

Quick Facts

Full Name Naim Süleymanoğlu
Nickname Not Known
Birthdate January 23, 1967
Death Date November 18, 2017
Death place Istanbul, Turkey
Birthplace Pitcher, Kardzhali Province, Bulgaria
Nationality Turkish
Body Bodybuilder
Years Active 1982-2000
Retired 2000
Father Not Known
Mother Not Known
Siblings Not Known
Eye color Black
Hair Colour Brown
Profession Weightlifting
Olympics Participation 1998
Alternative Profession Not Known
Height< 4 ft 10 in (1.47 m)
Weight 62 kg (137 lb)
Events 56 kg (1983), 60 kg (1985–1992), 64 kg (1993–1996), 62 kg (2000)
Representation Bulgaria
Relationship Un-Married
Rumored with Kyoto Mori
No. of children 3
Net worth $1 million – $5 million
Social Media Not Available

How did Naim Süleymanoğlu start his Professional Career?

Suleymanglou agreed to be an author for the Searrle Post-Intelligencer while sitting comfortably offstage, squandering his chance to lift. On the other hand, rivals tried to outmuscle them by hoisting enormous amounts of weight.

Suleymanoglu would go out on stage when they were tired, ask for more weight to be placed on the bar, and then he would just lift it, beating them all.

After winning his third gold in Atlanta, Suleymanoglu tendered his resignation from the competition and spent a considerable amount of time enjoying his wealth and notoriety.

He made frequent appearances in Turkish daily newspapers when ludicrous tales of his insane way of life were circulated. In any case, he decided to return in 1999 to take part in the Olympic Recreations in 2000.
So, shortly after the Diversions, he spent a year getting ready for a fair where he was hoping to earn an extraordinary fourth gold prize.

His qualifications to compete in the 1988 Seoul Olympics had to be transferred to Turkey by the Bulgarian authorities.

In addition, Bulgaria received $1.25 million from the Turks in exchange for his release. His principal rival at the Olympics was an old comrade from the Bulgarian group, Stefan Topurov.

He entered the competition for the grab round, setting world records in his final two attempts, after all other competitors had finished and made three consecutive lifts.

Topurov placed second in the clean and jerk event with a 175.0 kg clean and jerk, behind Süleymanolu. With his next two lifts, Süleymanolu broke two more world records and won his first Olympic gold.

At 3.15 times his body weight, or 190.0 kg clean and jerk, his final charge represented the largest pure and pull-to-body weight ratio in history.

The Sinclair coefficient indicates that the weightlifter’s performance at the 1988 Seoul Olympics was the greatest weightlifting performance in history.

Death and Its Repercussions The Naim Süleymanoglu Controversy

He had liver cirrhosis, though, for a very long time. At last, he visited the facility for around three months in 2009.

On October 6, he received a liver transplant after a donor was found. Following that, on November 11, he underwent surgery because of cerebral hemorrhage and the ensuing edema.

Consequently, on November 18, 2017, he passed away. He was buried in the Edirnekap Martyrs Cemetery in Istanbul.

Following his passing, the film Cep Herkülü: Naim Süleymanolu, which chronicled his life and work, was released. Finally, the movie was released in Turkey on November 22, 2019.

A Japanese woman claimed to have had a girl named Sekai Mori with him after his death. She then filed a paternity complaint with a Turkish court.

Consequently, Süleymanolu’s grave was opened on July 4, 2018, so that a DNA sample could be taken. Her claim was further validated by a DNA test. With a Turkish woman, he also had three daughters.

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