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Niko Price Wife | Meet Erica Price Married Life And Age Gap

Niko Price

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UFC fans may remember Niko Price. The excellent American UFC welterweight fighter became famous. His birthdate is 29 September 1989. His hometown is Cape Coral, Florida. Professional MMA fighters are Orthodox. People call him “The Hybrid.” He holds a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Vickery Jiujitsu and Syndicate Boxing Club have both been represented by him.

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The American fighter gained recognition following a 15-6-0 record in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Price, 33, is the #36 welterweight MMA fighter globally. He dominated Bermudez vs. The Korean Zombie at UFC Fight Night. He knocked off Alex Morono in the second round. His recent match is Sunday, July 9, 2023. He will face Robbie Lawler, who has 29-16-0 numbers.

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Erica Price, Niko’s wife

Favorite UFC fighter Niko Price captivated spectators with his impressive punches and Jiujitsu abilities. His female admirers may be unhappy, but the professional boxer is taken. Price married Erica Gordan Price.

The man boasts on Instagram that he is happily married to his wife, Erica Price. As she chooses a low-key existence away from the public, Niko Price’s wife is rarely mentioned. Some reports say she’s a big spouse supporter. His partner is a graphic designer. He and his partner have six kids. Price’s partner may enjoy his match. The duo prioritizes their professions and takes holidays to unwind from Price’s demanding match schedule.

Life And Age Gap Niko Price Married

The wife of UFC fighter Niko Price supports his profession. The welterweight boxer denies discussing his marriage with the media. No media outlet has reported his dating history or age disparity. On September 29, 1989, Niko Price was born. From Cape Coral, Florida, Price is 33. Besides Price’s birthday, his partner’s age and birth year are unknown. Thus, estimating their age difference is challenging.

The warrior and his wife have six children. They expected their final child around 2021. As of this writing, their oldest children are Mia 10, Ella 9, and Asher 7. Their fourth child, Micah, was born in 2018, and she was eight months old in July 2019. Price and his wife Erica have been together for four years as of 2019. As expected, the charming couple is doing well.

Despite his fame, the UFC fighter plans to keep his marriage private. He and his wife may be protective. Furthermore, Price’s relationship and marriage have been investigated due to the assumption that sports stars employ media stunts to get popularity. Not so for the UFC fighter. Niko Price is a devoted parent and husband, and he rarely does media stunts despite being a sports personality.

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