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No, Eric Swalwell Is Not gay. Instead, He Is Married To Brittany Watts And Has A Family

Eric Swalwell

Swalwell, Eric Despite his public denials, LGBT news has been trending on social media platforms, and many people still think he is gay.

American politician and attorney Eric Michael Swalwell has represented California’s 14th congressional district since 2023.

His district, which covers the majority of eastern Alameda County and a small piece of central Contra Costa County, will be designated as the 15th district from 2013 until 2023.

Additionally, he backs the Democratic Party. Swalwell is a significant ally of LGBTQ+ people in addition to being a California Democrat.

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Rumors Examined: Eric Swalwell Is Not Gay

The sexual orientation of California’s current U.S. House representative Eric Swalwell has been the focus of rumors and conjecture.

Even though he has made it quite obvious that he is not homosexual in public, many people still think he is.

The claims against Swalwell have continued for years, and some media sources have even written pieces about his alleged “gay lifestyle.” These accusations’ origin is uncertain.

On the other side, Eric has never formally acknowledged being homosexual. The rumors regarding him are thus untrue.

Additionally, despite being a vocal and non-violent defender of homosexual rights and the LGBTQ+ community, the legislator has been the target of multiple threats to her life.

On August 20, 2022, a guy threatened to shoot him with an assault weapon over the phone.

Similar to this, Eric reported on August 15 that this office was receiving several death threats from MAGA-world.

He was threatened with death by a guy who claimed to be homosexual. A terrible fact is that politicians still face hatred even after striving to improve their society.

Is Brittany Watts and Eric Swalwell wed? See His Children

The fact that Eric Swalwell and his wife, Brittany Watts, have a beautiful marriage disproves any LGBT allegations that have been floating about.

The lovely couple exchanged wedding vows on October 14, 2016, according to The New York Times.

The Rene C. Davidson Courthouse in Oakland, California was chosen as the wedding location.

In accordance with the story, Brittany Swalwell, Eric Swalwell’s wife, worked as the Ritz-Carlton resort’s director of sales at the time of their nuptials.

In addition, Watts’ parents, Dr. Kathryn L. Watts and H. William Watts III, welcomed her into the world. Her parents are both dentists.

In addition, Brittany attended Miami University in Ohio and graduated from there.

The couple also has a happy marriage and are the proud parents of two kids.

Eric Nelson Swalwell and Kathryn Watts Swalwell are Eric Swalwell’s children. While their daughter Kathryn was born in 2018, their son Nelson was born in 2017.

Overall, the four-person family is enjoying a successful personal life together, and our best wishes go out to them.

Examined: Eric Swalwell Family

His parents welcomed him into the world on November 16, 1980, in Sac City, Iowa, in the United States.

The Republican couple Eric Nelson Swalwell and Vicky Joe Swalwell have four boys, with Eric being the oldest.

When he was a young child, his father served as the police chief in Algona, Iowa.

After leaving Iowa, the family eventually moved to Dublin, California.

Speaking about his educational history, the California democrat initially completed his studies at Wells Middle School before completing them at Dublin High School in 1999.

As a kid, Swalwell suffered Bell’s palsy and worried that the condition would never improve. In order to treat the condition, he had to wear an eyepatch.

Additionally, the politician comes from a very devoted and encouraging family.

His family has always had faith in him and his aspirations.

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