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Noah Enos Father | Who Is Stephen Enos | Mother And GoFundMe

Noah Enos

On June 12, 2023, 26-year-old Noah Enos disappeared after attending a King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard performance at the Salt Shed at Chicago’s Morton Salt Complex. Enos’ girlfriend, Nicole Wijs, said he stopped responding to her calls at 10 p.m.

The Noah Enos accident, as it’s called, is worrying Chicagoans as his absence remains a mystery. Noah Enos, 26, disappeared in Chicago under unexplained and troubling circumstances.

Nicole Wijs, his distraught girlfriend, is organizing a citywide hunt for him after he disappeared at a performance venue. His family is frantically searching for him with no clues.

Who is Stephen Enos, Noah’s father?

Noah Enos’ family is still hunted online after he disappeared. After going missing after a performance at the Salt Shed at the former Morton Salt packaging facility, 26-year-old Noah Enos’ family suspects foul play. His father avoided the media, unlike his mother. The father’s information has not been released.

According to The US Sun, Stephen Enos, his father, told WFLD, “It’s like my son vanished. No possibility makes sense in my head.” According to certain accounts, Enos’s parents are no longer together and his father has avoided the event.

According to his relatives, Chicago man Enos attended the event with a coworker and texted and Snapchatted pals until 10 p.m. when his phone died. Reportedely’s brother reported him missing to the Chicago Police Department.

Along with his father’s information, his sibling has cooperated with investigators without disclosing his personal information. He had a happy life, according to his relatives, in a close-knit family. He was kind and polite to everyone.

Noah’s Mother And GoFundMe

Sources indicate that Noah Enos’ mother, Lee Anne Chapin, called AT&T after learning his final texts and calls were received at about 5 p.m. However, his pals had Enos SMS from 7 to 10 p.m. His mother, Lee Anne Chapin, and brother, Zachary Enos, diligently researched his last whereabouts through posters, film, and retracing. The loss of their son shocked his family.

For a year in Chicago, Enos worked at a restaurant and designed T-shirts for a firm. According to Fox News, the missing Chicago guy was found dead in the Chicago River. Enos’ family is praying for justice as the inquiry proceeds. Noah’s father, Steven Michael Enos, started a fundraising campaign to find him.

He writes on GoFundMe, “My son Noah has gone missing after a concert 15 minutes from his home in Chicago. He is one of 14 missing Chicago youths. His abduction is a sobering reminder of the fragility of children’s lives and the value of staying close to loved ones.

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