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Omar Zahed | Tarek Zahed Shooting Case: 22-Year-Old Man

Omar Zahed

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Receive updates on the shooting case involving Omar and Tarek Zahed. Brothers Tarek and Omar Zahed, one of whom passed away instantly.

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22-Year-Old Man Arrested in the Omar and Tarek Zahed Shooting Case in Sydney

At the Sydney airport, a 22-year-old male was detained and charged in connection with the shooting on May 10 that claimed the life of Omar Zahed and injured his brother Tarek Zahed.

The Zahed brothers were shot and killed on May 10 at the Bodyfit Fitness Center in Auburn, Sydney, which is located on Parramatta Road.

After Omar Zahed, 39, was fatally shot and his brother Tarek Zahed was hit by ten bullets, including one to the head, emergency services were called right away.

Keep reading to find out more about the Omar and Tarek Zahed shooting case as well as the 22-Year-Old Man Arrested in Sydney.

Case involving the shootings of Omar and Tarek Zahed

The Zahed brothers were shot and killed on May 10 at the Bodyfit Fitness Center in Auburn, Sydney, which is located on Parramatta Road.

After being shot in the arms, legs, and stomach, Omar passed away immediately. Ten bullets struck 41-year-old Tarek, one of which struck him in the skull.

Tarek was promptly evacuated by emergency personnel to the hospital. He managed to survive that shooting, but it took him ten months to recover enough to go home.

Omar and Tarek belonged to the Sydney-based Comanchero bikie motorcycle gang. They were charged with assaulting police officers, fighting over drugs, and other crimes.

Even during the lockdown, they were detained for breaking the government’s lockdown regulations.

For the Comanchero bike gang, Tarek was a nation-armed sergeant who had a $1 million bounty on his head and a death threat on him.

The New South Wales Supreme Court forbade him from entering Sydney unless he stipulated stringent terms when he relocated to Melbourne.

Omar’s funeral was organized in silence, and many images showing how it was conducted were published.

According to police, the shooting may have been related to a power struggle inside the bikies or a gang feud. Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty, head of the homicide squad, said: “With all these shootings and people dying, there are opportunities for people to try to take their places.”

However, no new information has been released. The investigation is ongoing, and yesterday saw the arrest of one of the suspects.

Man, Aged 22, Arrested in Sydney

A 22-year-old guy was detained at Sydney Airport after the attack on the Zahed brothers and charged with murder.

Around 10:30 p.m. on December 24, a Saturday, officers made an arrest at Sydney Domestic terminal.

He was arrested by the police and accused of trying to hide a serious indictment connected to the shooting at the gym.

He was required to appear before the court on Sunday after the Parramatta release Court denied his request for release.

Task Force Erebus, established to look into fatal shootings and criminal activity by organized gangs in Sydney, including the gym shooting and Police investigation as part of ongoing investigations.

David Hudson, the deputy commissioner for investigations and counterterrorism, reported that 11 killings committed in Sydney’s criminal underworld were motivated by gang rivalry.

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