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Ortencia Alcantara | Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Career

Ortencia Alcantara

Relationship expert Kevin Samuels last known for this reason was Ortencia Alcantara, an individual of distinction in this regard. She had spent the night with the American Internet personality before his passing.

The media paid Alcantara considerable attention upon learning of Kevin’s whereabouts. Numerous individuals were intrigued by Ortencia and her relationship to Samuels. Acquire her complete set of information.

What is the Net Worth of Ortencia Alcantara? Salary, Earnings

$100,000 is the estimated net worth of Ortencia Alcantara. In the United States, she earns an average of $85,000 per year as a registered nurse.

Conversely, Kevin Samuels boasted an astonishingly substantial net worth of $4 million. YouTube and social media are his primary sources of revenue. He accumulated one million subscribers on YouTube.

Samuels is the proprietor of an image consulting firm as well. The compilation The Godfather of Style and the book The Evolutionary Woman are two of his most renowned works.

Where was Ortencia Alcantara born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family Education

Ortencia Alcantara last saw Kevin Samuels in a living state. Additionally, Ortencia, like Sharon Mobley Stow, is an American registered nurse. She has not yet revealed her place of employment or the location from which she obtained her license.

Automobile Alcantara was born in Pontiac on January 19, 1990. As of Kevin’s departure, her age stood at 33 years. Nurse Ortencia has maintained an extremely private life and shied away from the public eye.

An internet investigation unveiled the fact that Ortencia Alcantara had previously engaged in athletic activities. Alcantara was a former member of the Newman Jets women’s soccer squad.

Ortencia is the prodigious registered nurse offspring of Ernesto Alcantara and Juana Perez. She was born and reared in Garden City, Kansas, by her parents.

Although Alcantara has identified her parents, she has not disclosed their occupation as of yet. Additionally, it is unknown whether she has siblings.

At 5 feet 4 inches in height, Alcantara, a certified nurse, has completed a nursing program. Newman University granted her a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Ortencia Alcantara participated on the women’s soccer team at Newman University. As a sophomore, she compiled impressive statistics.

Butler County Community College was where Alcantara completed coursework before enrolling at Newman University. It is in Kan, her place of birth.

Quick Facts

Birth Date January 19, 1990
Full Name Ortencia Alcantara
Profession registered nurse
Nationality American
Birth City Pontiac
Birth Country United States
Father Name Ernesto Alcantara
Mother Name Juana Perez
Horoscope Capricorn
Marital Status Single
Height 162 cm

Is Ortencia Alcantara Married? Relationship

The relationship between Ortencia Alcantara and Kevin Samuels remains unknown. Alcantara has not specified whether a romantic relationship existed between the two.

Ortencia claimed she dined with the dating expert the evening before Samuels’s death. Following a short exchange of words, they both made their way to Kevin’s residence.

Did the nurse Alcantara and Kevin Samuels have a lengthy romantic relationship? There has been considerable lingering curiosity regarding this matter. Furthermore, it was reported that Kevin was considering entering into matrimony with Ortencia.

Prominent authority on relationships, Kevin Samuels, was wed three times. However, despite Kevin’s expertise in relationships, he was unsuccessful in salvaging both of his marriages.

At the time of his demise, Kevin was unmarried. The identity of his wife is unknown to the public. However, it is widely known that Kevin wed his high school beloved to his first wife, to whom he was wedded for one year.

Ortencia Alcantara was in the company of Kevin at the moment of his demise, according to findings uncovered by the investigation. Alcantara, a registered nurse, disclosed that she had slept with the courting expert.

Notwithstanding Kevin’s morning sojourns of chest discomfort, all appeared to be well. She immediately dialed 911 for help after he landed on top of her.

Samuels was transported to Piedmont Hospital, where medical professionals pronounced him deceased. The date of death of the dating expert was May 5, 2022.

Kevin’s mother, Beverly Samuels-Burch, was not notified regarding the demise of her son. Beverly asserted that social media was where she learned of the death of her son.

Social Media Details

Ortencia Alcantara presently maintains a secluded lifestyle. Following Kevin’s demise, she has diligently endeavored to evade public attention. She has additionally secured her Instagram account.

A limited number of individuals comprise Alcantara’s contact list. She uses the handle @ortencia.alcantara.rn on Instagram. Currently, she has 385 followers on Instagram.

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