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Parents Of Pearl Shongwe? Where Do They Originate? Genealogy And Ethnicity

Pearl Shongwe

After the death of their daughter, Pearl Shongwe, the Pearl Shongwe Parents have become a topic of great concern for her admirers.

People began searching “Pearl Shongwe Parents” to learn more about the grieving parents of the young girl, as the incident was startling and very difficult to believe.

Who are Pearl Shongwe’s parents? It is unknown who Pearl Shongwe’s parents are. Her family originated in Soweto, South Africa, where Shongwe was born and raised.

Pearl Shongwe was a news anchor, TV presenter, and media personality from South Africa. She was well-known for her role as the news anchor for METRO FM.

Shongwe, age 35, reportedly passed away peacefully on November 8, 2022. The face-down body of the METRO FM News Anchor was discovered in her own home.

Who Are the Parents of Pearl Shongwe? Genealogy And Ethnicity

Following the global dissemination of the news of their daughter’s passing, Pearl Shongwe’s parents have become a major source of concern among her admirers.

People began seeking “Pearl Shongwe Parents” to learn more about the child’s bereaved parents because the tragedy was so shocking and difficult to believe.

Who are the parents of Pearl Shongwe? Unidentified information about Pearl Shongwe’s parentage. Shongwe was educated in her family’s hometown of Soweto, South Africa. The Metro FM host is no longer present.

Tuesday, her family announced “with regret” that she had “untimely passed away.” Shongwe (35) passed away in her Johannesburg residence; according to her family, she “passed away in her sleep.”

The Shongwe family requested privacy to mourn during this difficult period. In 2010, she began her career in broadcasting at YFM.

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) would later hire her as a sports presenter. Since then, the national broadcaster has extended condolences to the Shongwe family.

Shongwe worked as a news anchor for over six years at METRO FM. She was also the managing director of Lolonga Holdings, a Johannesburg, Gauteng-based company.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Shongwe previously worked as a marketing manager for LLL Consultants, a media coordinator for Red Cherry TV, and a marketing assistant for Look & Listen. 2007 marked Shongwe’s debut with Mercury Media as a Junior Account Executive.

Shongwe studied marketing, advertising, and business communications at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). Shongwe was a member of the tennis, ballroom dance, and choir teams at TUT.

Shongwe also attended Varsity College, where she obtained a certificate in project management. She effortlessly communicated in IsiXhosa, Isizulu, SeTswana, English, Afrikaans, and SiSwati.

Examining the Death Cause of Pearl Shongwe

In a statement cited by News24, Shongwe’s family stated that her deceased body was discovered on her bed on Tuesday.

The specific location of Shongwe remains a mystery. Tuesday morning, concerned residents from the 35-year-old woman’s apartment building in Waterfall inquired about her condition.

According to reports, the radio newscaster was discovered face-down in her bed. The precise cause of death is still unknown at this time.

Ntombifuthi Pearl Shongwe was born in Soweto, Gauteng, in 1987.

According to Shongwe’s agent, Owen S Management, she prefers broadcasting. She made her first media appearance at age 12 when she secured several television commercials.

At the age of 24, Shongwe was a 2011 Miss Soweto finalist and an active commercial model. At the time, she was juggling a career in radio broadcasting with her pursuit of modeling supremacy.

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