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Peter Artemiev

Peter Artemiev

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Peter Artemiev- Biography

Peter Artemiev is a well-known, divisive, wealthy, and successful American Professional Pilot, Entrepreneur, and Celebrity Spouse. He is originally from Brooklyn, New York. His wife’s name is Julia Fox, and the couple has recently been in the news in a negative manner since his wife is dissatisfied with him as a father to their son Valentino.

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What is the Net Worth of Peter Artemiev? Salary, Earnings

Peter Artemiev is living a wealthy and luxurious lifestyle that he has achieved for himself through years of hard work and dedication. He earns a lot of money, and his net worth is estimated to be approximately $5 million US dollars.

Artemiev owns a gorgeous home in Yorkville, Manhattan, United States, and he enjoys being outside. He also enjoys wearing branded items such as spectacles, shoes, and clothing, as well as pricey and exquisite perfumes. He also has a large automobile collection and enjoys driving sports and supercars.

Peter Artemiev- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings

Peter Artemiev was born between 1987 and 1991 and is currently between the ages of 30-34 as of 2022. His original birth name, as given to him by his parents at the time of his birth, is Peter Artemiev, however, he is fondly known as Pete by his close friends, family members, and admirers.

He was born to American parents in Brighton Bridge, Brooklyn, and has been an American citizen since birth. His zodiac sign or birth sign is unknown to those who believe in astrology. He is of White Caucasian origin and practices Christianity as his exclusive faith. He spent a large part of his boyhood in Brighton Bridge, Brooklyn, New York, with his family and close friends.

In terms of his parents, Peter Artemiev has not divulged anything about them as of now. He has so far kept their names and identities hidden. Looking at him, we can conclude that he is the apple of his parent’s eyes, and his parents have supported him throughout his life in all conditions. The same is true for his siblings. He had spent the majority of his boyhood in Brighton Bridge, Brooklyn. His parents have always been there for him, no matter what. The same is true for his siblings.


In terms of schooling, we don’t know where Peter Artemiev received his high school diploma. He never gets to talk about his schooling, her college, or his studies because of her profession. We know he enjoys reading, but he never says much about it. Furthermore, we do not know where he obtained his diploma or the subject he specialized in.

Peter Artemiev- Relationship, Married Life

His personal and married life is currently in shambles, and he and his wife Julia Fox have been in the news a lot lately. In November of this year, he married his long-term lover Julia Fox. They dated for around 5 years before marrying with their families’ consent. Peter gave birth to a gorgeous son in February 2021, and the couple called him Valentino Artemiev.

However, things have recently been difficult because his wife is dissatisfied with him as a father, believing that he is a “GEAD BEAT DAD” who does not care about his son. In an Instagram Story, she described him as a drug addict who frequents bars and stripper clubs. Looking at her language, she clearly expressed her displeasure with him, believing that he does not care for his son or his family.

After all, Peter uploaded a tale in which he stated that he wishes to keep his personal and family matters to himself for the dignity and protection of his child and family. However, it is evident that things are still out of control.

Peter Artemiev- Professional Career

In terms of his professional career, Peter Artemiev is a well-trained and well-paid pilot from the United States of America. He graduated from a large and well-known pilot training university. Artemiev is based in Brooklyn, New York, but his job requires him to travel all over the world. He enjoys his job.

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