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Pranjali Awasthi

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Teenage Pranjali Awasthi is not like other teenagers. She is the CEO and creator of Delv AI, a firm that helps academics extract and summarize data from any text source using artificial intelligence. At the age of fifteen, she founded her business in January 2022, and since then, she has secured $450,000 in backing from well-known investors. At $12 million in valuation, her startup places her among the youngest entrepreneurs in the AI sector.

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What is the Net Worth of Pranjali Awasthi? Salary, Earnings

In 2007, Pranjali Awasthi was born in India into an engineering family. When she was seven years old, her father, who had a strong interest in computer science education, taught her how to code. She was interested in technology and math and took part in several projects and competitions.

Her family relocated to Miami, Florida, when she was eleven years old, and she enrolled in Doral Academy Charter High School there. She also enrolled in competitive math programs and computer science classes, where she excelled and earned prizes. When she was thirteen years old, she began working as an intern in the machine learning laboratory at Florida International University. During the COVID-19 epidemic, she also attended virtual high school, which allowed her more time and freedom to follow her interests

Young and accomplished, Pranjali Awasthi is the founder of Delv AI, an AI business that assists academics in extracting and condensing data from any text source. Her parents are engineers, and she was born in India in 2007. When their daughter was eleven years old, Mr. and Mrs. Awasthi, her parents, relocated to the United States. When she was seven years old, her father, an engineer, taught her how to code. Her mother has a strong background in humanities. As far as we are aware, Pranjali Awasthi does not have any siblings.

Although Pranjali Awasthi’s parents have always encouraged her love of technology and math, they did worry a little bit about her future and her schooling.  While they made accommodations for her to graduate from high school, they also had to come to terms with the fact that she would not be applying to colleges anytime soon. According to Pranjali Awasthi, her parents are both concerned for her welfare and proud of her accomplishments. She claimed to like spending time with her friends and family and to try to strike a balance between her personal and professional lives.

Full Name Pranjali Awasthi
Date of Birth 2007
Age 16 years old (as of 2023)
Birth Place India
Current Location Miami, Florida, United States
Nationality Indian
Religion Hindu
Caste Brahmin
Profession Founder and CEO of Delv AI
Education Doral Academy Charter High School, Creative Destruction Lab
Height 5 feet 5 inches (approx)
Weight 57 kg (approx)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Marital Status Unmarried
Boyfriend None
Net Worth $12 million (approx) (as of 2023)
Instagram pranjaliawasthi
Twitter raiding
LinkedIn pranjali-awasthi-neuro

Origins of Delv AI

Delv AI was inspired by Pranjali Awasthi’s personal research experiences. She saw a need in the market for a reliable and effective data extraction tool that could assist researchers in locating particular information among the large volume of web data. She had an idea for an AI-driven solution that would automate and expedite the data extraction and summarizing process, saving researchers time and money.

In 2021, she began working on Delv AI, building her system around OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model. She created an online platform that enables users to ask questions or receive text summaries after uploading or pasting any type of text source, including news stories, academic papers, and web pages. The platform then generates replies or summaries in natural language using machine learning and natural language processing, together with pertinent graphs and charts.

In January 2022, she introduced Delv AI on Product Hunt, a website that features fresh goods and businesses. The launch was a success, drawing interest and compliments from investors and prospective clients.

The Development of Delv AI

When Pranjali Awasthi attended an AI business accelerator in Miami run by Backend Capital’s Dave Fontenot and Lucy Guo, her entrepreneurial career took off. She received connections, coaching, and advice from the accelerator to help her grow her company. In addition, she raised a total of $450,000 from well-known investors like On Deck and Village Global.

Additionally, she increased the size of her staff by bringing on 10 experts in the fields of business development, marketing, engineering, and AI. Additionally, she collaborated with Creative Destruction Lab (CDL), a nonprofit that backs technology and science-based enterprises. She had access to top-notch scientists, investors, mentors, and businesspeople through CDL, who assisted her in improving her plan and product.

Since its debut, Delv AI has expanded quickly, now supporting over 10,000 users in a variety of industries, including academics, journalism, law, finance, healthcare, and education. The goal of the company is to provide researchers with tools for data extraction and analysis that are faster, more scalable, and more effective so they can make better judgments and discoveries.

How It All Began

Pranjali’s father, an engineer who supports computer science education in schools, ignited her interest in technology. At the age of seven, she began to code and picked up different programming languages and frameworks. Additionally, she became interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning, which prompted her to work as a research lab intern at Florida International University when she was just 13 years old.

Because of the pandemic, she attended virtual high school and worked on a variety of machine learning projects during her internship. Additionally, she was granted access to the beta version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT-3, a potent natural language processing model that can produce text in response to a command. This gave her the idea to develop Delv.AI, a tool that helps researchers by using AI to extract and summarize pertinent data from web sources.

What AI Delv Does

A web-based tool called Delv.AI assists researchers in locating particular information in the large volume of online content. A summary of the most pertinent sources is provided, together with links to the original articles, for users who input a query or topic. Additionally, the platform offers data visualization capabilities to assist users in analyzing and comparing the data, including graphs and charts.

Natural language processing and machine learning are used by Delv.AI to comprehend user queries and produce precise and succinct summaries. In addition, the platform gains insights from user comments and gradually enhances its functionality. Researchers can reportedly save up to 80% of their time and effort searching for and analyzing information with Delv.A I.

The Way She Was Funded

In January 2022, Pranjali established Delv.AI and applied to the Backend Capital AI startup accelerator program, which is led by Dave Fontenot and Lucy Guo in Miami. After being admitted into the program, she was coached and guided by investors and seasoned business owners. Through the program, she was introduced to possible partners and customers as well.

She made her startup presentation during Miami Tech Week in August 2022, and her vision and demo left a lasting impression on the crowd. Pranjali declared that she had secured $450,000 in funding from several venture capitalists and angel investors, among them the well-known Canadian businesswoman and philanthropist Chen Fong. She is only 16 years old, but she already has a team of ten professionals working for her, and she has raised almost Rs 3.7 crore from investors.

Private Life and Upcoming Objectives

As of 2023, Pranjali Awasthi is sixteen years old and resides in Miami with her parents. She doesn’t have a boyfriend and is single. She likes to hang out with her pals, play chess, read books, and listen to music. Pranjali is very active on social media, sharing updates on her work and offering her thoughts on sites like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

She intends to carry on developing Delv AI and elevate it to the status of the world’s top data extraction platform. Pranjali also wants to encourage more young females to get into STEM professions as their career goals. She thinks that creativity and business are not limited by age.

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