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Raffa Castro

Raffa Castro

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Raffa Castro, a model, social media star, and public figure from the Philippines was born in 2001 and is now 21 years old.

Being the daughter of Filipino actor and broadcaster Mr. Angelo Diego Keithley Castro III has made her famous in the Philippines (Diego Castro III). Raffa has been seen by media cameras enjoying quality time with her father, relatives, and friends while seated in restaurants and pubs.

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Raffa has a sizable social media fan base as a result of her father’s fame, which also made him a star. She had nearly a million people following her on Instagram before she canceled the account. And now that she has created a new account, her fan base has begun to grow once more. Overall, she displays herself online as a stunning model.

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Who is Raffa Castro?

Raffa Castro’s Wikipedia: Every time a celebrity child has been accompanied by her father, she has drawn attention from the general public and the media. Every single one of her father’s admirers in the Philippines loves Raffa. Her father recently sent her a message of congratulations when she formally announced that she was going to become a mother.

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Raffa and her lover Joaquin Domagoso have announced that their son was born on April 28, 2022, at the FEU Medical Center in Quezon City. Raffa’s father told the media that he is proud of his daughter and that he is overjoyed for JD and Raffa after learning of this news.

What is the Net Worth of Raffa Castro? Salary, Earnings

We assume that Raffa Castro does not make as much money from modeling or acting as her sister Claire Castro does. She hasn’t even acknowledged that she is a model who is officially registered with a modeling agency.

She did not strive hard to get famous; rather, her family did. She is not now employed professionally, so information about her earnings and wealth is not available.

Where was Raffa Castro? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Because Raffa Castro is not as well-known as her father, Wikipedia does not have information on her. Between 2000 and 2001, Raffa was born to her father Diego Castro III. She hasn’t revealed her precise birthplace, however, it appears she was born to her family in Marikina, Philippines.

Like her sister Claire Castro, she might be finishing her studies at Ateneo de Manila University. Raffa Castro hasn’t revealed where she is now graduating, though. She has a newborn kid currently, therefore we can assume that she temporarily discontinued her college studies. She has also recently become a mother.

Raffa Castro is the daughter of actor and broadcaster Mr. Diego Castro III, as we previously stated. In his lifetime, her father has had two marriages. Initially, he was wed to Raven Villanueva. Actress Raven Villanueva is from the Philippines. When Raven Villanueva and Raffa’s father were wed, both women gave birth to their offspring.

Raffa is one of Diego Castro III’s five children. Gabriella Castro, Mio Castro, Alfonso Castro, and Claire Castro are Raffa’s siblings. In the Philippines, her sister Claire Castro is a well-known actress and social media personality.

In addition to this, Raffa’s father eventually wed his stunning con-anchor Angela Lagunzad after divorcing Raven Villanueva. Diego currently resides with Angela Laugnzad. However, it is unknown which of the four siblings that Raffa had with Diego’s first and second spouses.

Is Raffa Castro a Single? Relationship

Raffa Castro and Joaquin Domagoso are currently said to be romantically together, according to the media. Scott Angelo, the son of Joaquin Domagoso, is now raised by her. When talking about Joaquin Domagoso, it should be noted that he is a well-known actor and model in the Philippines.

He is also well-known for being the child of Diana Lynn Ditan and Isko Moreno. Isko Moreno, his father, is a politician and actor who previously held the office of Mayor of Manila from June 30, 2016, until June 30, 2022. One of Isko Moreno’s five children is Joaquin Domagoso.

How did Raffa Castro start her Professional Career?

When Raffa Castro’s only TikTok video went viral in 2019, she gained popularity among social media users. She has a sizable fan base on her TikTok account. But no one is aware of the reason she previously canceled her TikTok account. Additionally, she closed her Instagram account.

She just resumed her activity on Instagram. She posted a photo of herself looking like a model on Instagram. In her Instagram photos, she frequently demonstrates her makeup abilities. She hasn’t stated what line of employment she currently pursues professionally. However, her admirers referred to her as an Instagram and TikTok model.

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