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Rami Shllush Arrest | Haaretz Photojournalist Captured For Covering Protest

Rami Shllush

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Israel-based Haaretz Media employs photojournalist Rami Shllush. On Tuesday, thousands of Israelis protested a nocturnal Parliament decision that advanced the far-right coalition’s goal of limiting judicial oversight of the government.

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Shllush was detained by Israeli police on Tuesday while documenting activist arrests in Haifa, Israel’s northernmost city. During any protest, most journalists and photographers encounter this issue.

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Rami Shllush Arrest: Haaretz Photojournalist Captured For Covering Protest

Haaretz reporter Rami Shllush was detained by Israeli police on Tuesday while covering demonstrators’ arrests in Haifa, northern Israel. The cops freed him after specified hours. Shllush said multiple police officers forced him to leave the rally on Haifa’s Ha’atzmaut Road.

Rami also produced his journalist ID, but they declined. Police sprayed demonstrators with water cannons and arrested many as they cleared the area. “Two police officers in civilian clothing started punching me at this point,” Shllush said, “and then someone rushed from behind and took me down.

They kept kicking him after he collapsed. The event incensed the Journalist Association. The Jerusalem Journalist Association also opposed Shllush’s arrest. They also said, “We urge police for the media’s safety, but in this case, media, itself is in danger.”

The Israel Press Council (IPC) also commented on this issue. IPC seeks an investigation and press freedom.

Why Were Israeli People Protesting?

Since the political crisis began in 2018, three snap elections have been held after coalition negotiations failed. The 2021 election saw the first successful administration. A coalition member defected, dissolving the one-seat majority coalition in June 2022.

After Prime Minister Netanyahu suspended judicial legislation, counter-protesters organized. Israeli protests started in early 2023 in response to the government’s demand for judicial reform.

As previously said, thousands of Israelis protested on Tuesday. The far-right coalition’s nighttime Parliament decision to curtail judicial oversight of the government is protested. The issue is part of a larger social divide between the administration and its followers, who want a more religious and nationalist state.

Opponents want a secular, pluralistic worldview. The rupture is also caused by a serious disagreement regarding Israeli democracy’s future. The administration says the amendments will promote democracy by giving elected legislators greater power than unelected courts.

Some worry that abandoning judicial control may harm democracy. Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, denies corruption charges. He also denies using his position to disrupt the trial.

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