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Raymond Joseph French | Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Career

Raymond Joseph French

Father Raymond Joseph French Jr. is well-known. Raymond Joseph French Jr. was propelled to prominence by the philanthropist, entrepreneur, and ex-wife of Bill Gates, Melinda French Gates. French Gates was a co-founder of Microsoft.

What is the Net Worth of Raymond Joseph French? Salary, Earnings

Raymond Joseph French was an aerospace engineer; his precise income is unknown. However, he sought an additional source of income to support the family during the early years of his marriage, including a secondary job in the rental industry.

Concerning his daughter Melinda, her net worth stood at $5.6 billion as of 2022. She has been an active contributor to philanthropic initiatives in collaboration with her former spouse, Bill Gates. Despite their separation, the two remain collaborative in their efforts to support charitable initiatives.

Where was Raymond Joseph French born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

In Louisiana, United States, Raymond Joseph French, and Clare Louise French welcomed Raymond Jr. into the world in 1939. Despreze’s childhood is unknown to the public.

However, his field of expertise was aerospace engineering. He must therefore hold a degree in engineering. Raymond Jr. rose to prominence exclusively after his daughter Melinda did so.

Melinda French Gates was born on August 15, 1964, in Dallas, Texas. She is the second child of Raymond Jr. She completed her secondary education at St. Monica Catholic School before obtaining her doctorate from Duke University. Melinda obtained her bachelor’s degree in computer science and economics from Duke University.

Quick Facts

Full Name: Raymond Joseph French Jr
Gender: Male
Profession: Celebrity Father
Country: United States of America
Marital Status: single
Wife Elaine Agnes Amberland
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Birth Place Louisiana
Nationality American
Father Raymond Joseph French
Mother Clare Louise French
Kids (Four) Melinda Gates, Susan Marie French, Raymond Gerald French, and Steven Michael French

Is Raymond Joseph French Single? Relationship

One of his spouses, Raymond Jr. exchanged vows with Elaine Agnes Amberland, a housewife. Elaine and Raymond first met on a blind date arranged by a nun.

Raymond believed Elaine to be a pleasant young lady because the nun had arranged their meeting. Together, Elaine and Raymond are the parents of two daughters and two sons.

Unfortunately, Elaine is no longer among us. She succumbed to the disease breast cancer. Raymond’s past and relationships remain largely undisclosed. However, Bill Gates, a global magnate, was in matrimony with his daughter Melinda French.

Bill and Melinda began dating in 1987, following their encounter at a trade exhibit in New York. In addition, Phoebe Gates, Jennifer, and Rory are their offspring.

Unfortunately, a joint statement on social media revealed the couple’s decision to file for divorce in May 2021, thereby ending their 27-year marriage and 34-year romance.

How tall is Raymond Joseph French? Weight, Hair Color

There is no mention of Raymond’s body mass or dimensions. Photographs of his family depict him as having brown eyes and hair and as being relatively tall.

How did Raymond Joseph French start his Professional Career?

Nothing is known at this time regarding Raymond’s professional existence or career trajectory. The only known occupation of Raymond Jr. is that of an aeronautical engineer.

Her daughter, Melinda French Gates, has achieved remarkable accomplishments in her professional life. Melinda began her professional career instructing young students in computer programming and mathematics.

She was privileged to secure a marketing manager position at Microsoft, a reputable corporation, following her graduation. In this role, she oversaw the development of multimedia products.

Melinda assumed the role of general manager of information products in early 1990 and maintained this position until 1996. She subsequently resigned from her job to focus on starting a family.

Melinda served as a trustee on the board of Duke University from 1996 to 2003. She maintains an annual attendance record at the Bilderberg Group Conference.

In August 2006, she tendered her resignation from the board of directors of Drugstore.com. In a similar vein, she established Pivotal Ventures as an autonomous, separate organization with the mission of identifying, fostering the growth of, and implementing novel approaches to challenges confronting American families and women.

Social Media Details

At this time, Raymond Jr. and his children and grandchildren are enjoying a joyful family life in Washington. To maintain the confidentiality of his personal life, Raymond has refrained from utilizing social networking platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, he is an adult who should not be utilizing social media.

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